Malaysia Gets Its First True Digital Economy Community System (DECS)

Cun Cun is an IT-based marketing company and has become the first comprehensive digitalized spending platform in Malaysia to launch the Digital Economy Community System (DECS) by bringing buyers and sellers together on a multiple synergistic platform.

MALAYSIA / ACCESSWIRE / May 31, 2021 / Cun Cun is a company on a mission to grow Malaysian businesses continue to thrive by connecting them to revenue streams, i.e., buyers, via a singular platform. However, that is not all as Cun Cun will also work with the commercial sector to secure revenue by combining the power of community with technology.

The company is planning to launch apps for Android and iOS devices later this year that will feature cross-industry loyalty programs, point rewards, promotions, and online bill payments, amongst others.

Widespread lockdowns across Malaysia have left many businesses crippled. COVID-19 has exposed many of the weak links across various industries and the economy. Cun Cun believes that the weak links need to be addressed urgently, which can only be done with a radical shift in how business is done.

Cun Cun at launch will provide offline businesses with a path to digitalization, offering tools to merchants who can reward and retain customers. The rewards program will help businesses attract new buyers and encourage repeat business across a multitude of industries.

The company (Cun Cun) will also offer the needed marketing budget to scale businesses to keep up with demand. Most of all, there will be no upfront setup costs; all marketing is postpaid.

Readers can find out more about Cun Cun by visiting the company’s official website

Quote from Company CEO, Dato Seri Yong “A True Community is linked by a common interest and bonded with trust. We, here at Cun Cun, aspires to connect the communities around the world under one app, mutually thriving as one.”

Cun Cun also hopes that the platform will help provide entrepreneurs with employment opportunities by becoming Business Developers. Entrepreneurs will be encouraged to work with Cun Cun to build the company’s DECS models, helping to connect merchants with consumers and the community. Enterprising individuals will be able to take advantage of this model to create an alternative source of income.

Cun Cun aspires to connect all the communities in Malaysia, which raises the quality of living for everyone while improving the economy. If anything, it helps those who desire a better lifestyle while introducing a new, more innovative way of spending.

About Cun Cun

Crowd to Community, Competitors to Collaborators, Connecting Communities

Cun Cun founders Dato Seri Yong and Dato Eric were alarmed by the COVID-19 triggered decline of the retail industry. The founders brought together some of the most seasoned investors and entrepreneurs and synergized to create a platform that helps both business owners and consumers through these challenging times and beyond.


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