MUNO Health Announces the Launch of MUNO Oxygenating Liquid Technology

MUNO is an Oxygen Supplement that May Help Boost Overall Health

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 20, 2021 / The founders of MUNO Health are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of MUNO Oxygenating Liquid Technology, an “imMUNO” oxygen supplement that is designed to help improve overall health.

As a company spokesperson noted, germs, pollution and irritants are continually getting into the body through the eyes, mouth, skin and airways. This can not only lower the body’s oxygenation level, it can also impact the way that people feel.

Over time, the spokesperson noted, the body loses its ability to oxygenate itself, which can cause oxygen levels to drop and health to be compromised.

To help remedy this situation, the founders of MUNO Health are launching MUNO Oxygenating Liquid Technology, a product that is designed to supersaturate tissues with bioavailable oxygen. MUNO Oxygenating Liquid Technology is currently the focus of a fundraiser on the Indiegogo crowdfunding website.

MUNO will be available in both a spray and drops, and is intended for frequent daily use, as well as concurrent administration of the liquid to the eyes, nose and mouth.

“MUNO oxygen can help to power up your ATP-energy, nitric oxide production and the immune strength of your vulnerable eyes and nose,” the spokesperson noted, adding that it can act like an “oxygen energized liquid-barrier” to boost a person’s first line of defense from the atmosphere.

As the spokesperson noted, MUNO Health knows that the timing for the release of this product is also ideal; due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, some people are having issues breathing through their nose due to the barrier created by wearing a mask.

“In addition to being critical to cognitive performance and immune function, nasal breathing is also the fastest way to de-stress as it engages the parasympathetic nervous system,” the spokesperson noted, adding that MUNO oxygen may also help offset “mask mouth,” which is bad breath caused by mouth breathing while wearing a mask.

MUNO Oxygenating Liquid Technology may also assist with low oxygen levels in the brain, which can lead to problems with memory, lethargy, depression and “brain fog.”

As the spokesperson noted, research has found that supplementing with oxygen can help to increase brain metabolism and neuro-regeneration, which can help the brain to age more healthily.

About MUNO Health:

The mission of MUHO Health is to help people optimize their health and improve their lives. The company is now launching their new MUNO Oxygenating Liquid Technology.

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