Pasqualino Mazza: Using the Law of Attraction to Find Your Dream Home

DETROIT, MI / ACCESSWIRE / May 6, 2021 / Pasqualino Mazza has a long and varied background in business and entrepreneurship. He served as a leading account executive for Microsoft for over a decade and doubled his quota during the last half of that period. Today, Pasqualino Mazza is moving into land development and commercial real estate and is working to bring his own special flair and insight to the industry.

Pasqualino Mazza refers to himself as a self-help junkie. He consumes no fewer than one self-help book a week and has developed some interesting insights stemming from these ideas and has connected them to the world of real estate. After all, as Pasqualino Mazza might say, your home is a reflection of the state of your inner mind. So it stands to reason that finding the right home, with the right floor plan, in the right location is a key to a prosperous and happy life. Pasqualino Mazza has some interesting ideas about the law of attraction and how using it can actually help you to find your dream home.

Pasqualino Mazza: Using the Law of Attraction to Find Your Dream Home

The law of attraction is the idea that like attracts like, Pasqualino Mazza reminds us. In spiritual circles, it is considered something of a cosmic rule- the idea being that by working through meditation and spiritual practice to become a more loving and positive person, we attract things and circumstances that resonate with love and positivity.

Many people who prefer to think only in terms of physics and materiality tend to reject the ideas the law of attraction is based on. But there is room for these principles within mainstream psychology. In fact, mainstream psychology is often used as a basis to refute ideas related to things like karma and the law of attraction. They say that if you adopt a mindset that is conducive to getting the things you want by removing psychological barriers to success and self-defeating ideas, then people tend to become more successful and get what they want more often. Why this should stand as evidence against the universality of the law of attraction, Pasqualino Mazza points out, is hard to understand.

He reminds us that the three basic principles of the law of attraction can be wholly psychological, and in fact, that when it comes to getting into the home of your dreams, approaching it from a psychological vector is ideal. The three steps of the law of attraction, Pasqualino Mazza explains are Ask, Accept, and Allow.

We ask, in this case, by actually searching for the home we want. We should look precisely for the home that we want and not look for anything else. That is, as we search, and as we work with our Realtor, we should not consider homes that don’t fit the bill. Second, we accept and trust that we are on the path to getting the home of our dreams. That is to say, we stay on the path, rejecting offerings that would be a compromise. Finally, when we find the home of our dreams, we do not submit to self-defeating thinking. We do not say, ‘Well, isn’t this too good to be true?’ Rather, we move forward, tackle the remaining obstacles, and buy the home we want.

Pasqualino Mazza points out, that following these steps takes work- especially when it comes to investing in property. This does not mean that we are not following the law of attraction. In this world, he reminds us, doing the work to get what we want is part of how we tell the universe what we want, it’s part of the process. Perhaps the most important idea here is to refuse to conform to self-defeating habits of thinking as we move toward our goal.


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