SD DEVELOPER Program Introduction for Reality Application SYSTEM

Seoul, South Korea–(Newsfile Corp. – May 29, 2021) – For the first time in South Korea, SPEED MONEY, which can be traded in real time by completing a practical utilization blockchain, succeeded in reproducing international vitality, starting with the Korean market.

SPEED MONEY is a virtual reality commercial recognition system. The business goal is a payment system that makes changes in financial transactions available in real time by making the practical use of virtual transactions between multinational countries and maximizing the basic advantages of blockchain. SDCOIN, the virtual reality payment system developed by the company with 2.5 million users in South Korea, is planned to be listed on the world-leading digital asset exchanges such as Binance, Huobi and Coinbase in the future.

SD DEVELOPER.CO.L,T,D is a high-tech real-time payment service operator dedicated to creating more strong chain-type rope program as a comprehensive system for one-stop change, cloud diversification, and real-time distributed commercial payment programs.

SD DEVELOPER has plans to go into the China, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan with this program. It succeeded in specialization in 3,000 DU commercial positions, travel, accommodation and delivery services in South Korea. It offers new themes for the hotel and tourism industry by providing value equity for property and buildings. Just like the role of China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom in promoting 5G Network to increase the network capacity, SPEED MONEY is a pioneer in promoting the real time financial transactions technology across the world. The financial engineering behind SPEED MONEY is more advanced than the current one, like the cutting-edge 5G technology compared with the old one.

Now, SD DEVELOPER holds 65 billion won worth of real estate through virtual payments specializing in real use, and has accomplished in holding an additional 100 billion won worth of real estate in townhouses and hotels.

Therefore, SDCOIN, the official virtual reality payment system, plays its role as a new conceptual realistic payment tool and creates an explosive supply and demand. There are already 2.5 million realistic virtual payment program users in South Korea.

In addition, SD DEPLORER cooperates with PATGODANG that a leader of F&B industries and SSDAL promotion that grows remarkable through having a largest number of franchises in Korean small business.

SD DELROPER,CO.LTD and ALPHATRADE ALLIANCE are planning to pursue a new economic paradigm and participate more deeply in the economy of the working class. SD DEVELOPER will provide each country with reality programs, which are realistic operating virtual program by expanding the intercontinental payment system, and cooperate with more regions and weak computerized system countries in the future.


Lee Jong-chul / CEO



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