Yonder Adds Predictive Capabilities to Social Intelligence Platform to Help Communications Teams Proactively Navigate Today’s Internet Landscape

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Yonder, an AI software provider, today announced it has added a series of industry-first predictive features to its Incident Management solution, a social intelligence tool that helps brands detect and understand potentially harmful online narratives before they go viral, impacting brand trust and market valuation.

According to Fleischman Hillard, if a company is unprepared for a crisis, it can spend millions of dollars in mitigation and lose hundreds of millions of dollars in reputation and shareholder value. With so much at stake, it’s imperative that a brand’s communications team continually monitors for emerging and risky narratives in their earliest stages to have time to plan and align stakeholders. However, these narratives often originate in fringe parts of the web where traditional social listening tools can’t detect them, leaving brands with major intelligence blindspots and vulnerabilities, and their strategic communications teams constantly in reactive mode.

To more effectively address this analytical gap, the predictive features added to Yonder’s Incident Management platform include:

  • Narrative Trajectory: Insights on which factions a narrative is likely to spread to next based on historical data about the faction(s) currently driving the narrative, as well as instances of similar past narratives.
  • Impact Rating: A simplistic low / moderate / high rating for an emerging narrative to signal the projected level of risk it poses to the brand. The Impact Rating has become the primary metric used for quick, daily triage of priorities. The metric takes into account factions involved (most influential, foreign, fringe, etc.), the authenticity and level of manipulation in how the narrative is spreading, trending volume and target keywords.
  • Interactive Daily Feed: Provides strategic communications teams and their stakeholders with quick, easy-to-consume daily insights on emerging narratives, their trajectory, factions involved, and the overall Impact Rating to support proactive planning and the daily prioritization workflow.

“Today’s internet is complex, and a damaging narrative can pick up steam online for days, or even weeks, before a brand takes notice. By then, the battle for public perception is already lost, and damage is done,” said Jonathon Morgan, CEO of Yonder. “Communications teams need a tool that can detect an emerging narrative before it’s a brand crisis, predict narrative risk, and understand whose agenda is driving the narrative. The best way to protect your brand is to get proactive by being out in front of narratives that damage brand trust.”

“The internet is a powerful tool for communicators, but the unpredictability and speed of the online ecosystem can be difficult to navigate,” said Tejas Totade, CTO at Ruder Finn. “We’re seeing Yonder’s intelligence fill risky analytic gaps and help brands move from a reactive-mode to being able to actually see and understand the risk of emerging narratives and proactively plan.”

For more information on Yonder’s Incident Management Platform, visit https://www.yonder-ai.com/incident-management/.

About Yonder

Yonder is an artificial intelligence company that discovers the hidden groups who control and amplify online narratives so companies can navigate an unpredictable, ever-evolving internet with confidence. We enable brands like Walmart, Disney, Bumble and Johnson & Johnson to take a proactive brand stance, leveraging hyper-active online groups (called factions) that are aligned with or adversarial to their brand. Yonder was founded in 2017 by experts in online radicalization, counterterrorism, data science and digital media and was the first company to address disinformation at scale. The company is on a mission to humanize the world’s information and deliver on the promise of a more authentic internet.


Caroline Harvey, INK Communications Co. for Yonder


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