Announcing the Upcoming Launch of the Beer-Bell, a Dumbbell that People Can Use to Work Out and Hydrate at the Same Time

The Beer-Bell Holds 16 Ounces of Beer or Other Beverage

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 17, 2021 / Rolfe Philip and Dave Watson are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the Beer-Bell, a fun way to get in shape and drink beer at the same time.

As a spokesperson noted, the creators of the Beer-Bell know that people traditionally enjoy working out with weights and then relaxing with a cold beer afterwards. To help combine these two activities into one, the creators were inspired to invent the Beer-Bell. When filled, the Beer-Bell will weigh just under 3 pounds and will provide a decent and hydrating workout. Thanks to the Beer-Bell, people do not have to wait until their workout is over to quaff a beer or other favorite beverage. Instead, the innovative product will allow people to pump iron while hydrating their thirst.

The Beer-Bell, which is being designed for true athletes and weekend warriors alike, is currently the subject of a fundraiser on the Kickstarter crowd funding platform. Using the Beer-Bell is easy and fun, the spokesperson noted. People simply need to open a beer or whatever other beverage they desire, and pour it into the Beer-Bell. Next, they can flex their “beer-cep” while enjoying the beverage. “The Beer-Bell has the look and feel of an actual dumbbell. It is made of durable plastic and includes a real weighted base,” the spokesperson noted, adding that the Beer-Bell can also be engraved and personalized for use as a trophy or gift.

While the creators of the Beer-Bell hope to offer engraving plates in the future, for now, people who wish to add one and personalize their Beer-Bell should visit their local trophy/engraving shop. From members of sports teams who like working out and staying hydrated and dads who enjoy cold beer, to grooms and their groomsmen, gym rats, beer fans and others, the Beer-Bell will make an ideal and usable gag gift. “Whatever you want to call the act of using the Beer-Bell, the fact of the matter is, this one-of-a-kind, unique drinking vessel makes throwing back a cold one much more satisfying and rewarding,” the spokesperson noted.

About the Beer-Bell:

The Beer-Bell combines the satisfaction of a strenuous workout with the pleasure of enjoying a cold brew or other thirst quenching beverage. The Beer-Bell holds 16 ounces and will have the look and feel of a real dumbbell.

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