Beam Mobile and Datamation Systems Inc. Partner to Charge, Synch and Store Mobile Phones in Hospitals

SOUTH HACKENSACK, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#BeamMobileDatamation Systems, Inc. and Beam Mobile are pleased to announce a partnership that combines the flagship offerings of both companies to serve the clinical workflows of leading hospitals. Combining the most durable Beam cases and charge docks for iPhones, with Datamation’s Mobile Device Management Trays, hospitals now have a best-in-class solution for charging and storing mobile phones critical for patient care.

The Beam platform offers an all-in-one solution combing externally swappable batteries, a highly protective case, and multiple charging units to suit your needs. Beam supports iPhone SE, XR/11, 8, and 7 and is MFI-approved. Beam cases are used with mobile EHR systems, secure texting, and soft scan applications. Beam also has a micro-USB port for mobile provisioning. And Beam’s ergonomic design provides unimpeded call quality. Beam Mobile is designed with healthcare-grade plastics to meet IP54 ratings for dust and water resistance and to be used with leading cleaners and disinfectants. “Combining Beam and Datamation charging, synch and storage devices is a win-win solution for keeping hospital workflows moving efficiently,” said Dean Shortland, Chief Technology Officer, Beam Mobile.

The Datamation MDM is offered in five configurations to support Beam devices. The mobile phone and battery charging solution holds a combination of Beam cases, dock trays, and external batteries to ensure the clinical staff is always enabled to provide the best care possible. The MDM cabinets are equipped with foam interiors and can be table-mounted or on our mobile base units to hold up to 50 batteries and 24 phones.

“As mobile devices are deployed in healthcare settings, finding the right device management, storage, and security tools becomes more important. Whether in clinical, communication or patient engagement applications, finding the right tools that accommodate the evolving devices is critical,” said Gerald Tozin, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Datamation Systems, Inc.

About Datamation Systems, Inc.

Datamation Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures, and sells solutions that encompass secure storage, intelligent and fast charging, and software sync enablement for the management of large quantities of mobile devices. Please contact Kevin Horey at

About Beam Mobile

Beam Mobile is based in Nashville, Tennessee, and has led the effort to provide smartphone protection in demanding environments. Hospitals rely on Beam as their case of choice for iPhone clinical workflow. Please contact Jeff Pack at


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