Cannabis Market Leader is Turning Customers Into Co-Owners

One of Europe’s largest CBD brands, Nordic Oil, has launched its first ever equity crowdfunding campaign.

MUNICH, Germany, June 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nordic Health Group BV (Nordic Oil), the top-selling European CBD manufacturer, is happy to announce that its equity crowdfunding campaign is now live on UK-based crowdfunding platform, Seedrs. The campaign will run through July 2021, and is the first time Nordic Oil has taken in external investments.

The campaign aims to generate capital that will be used to further the business’ marketing efforts, particularly its expansion into new and emerging markets. Here, the company will accelerate its growth by further expanding on proven strategies that have already delivered results. Nordic Oil has always been a business driven by its customers, hence the decision to opt for a crowdfunding investment platform in which loyal customers can participate, rather than more traditional angel investors.

Since launching in 2018, Nordic Oil has grown exponentially, raking in more than 35M€ in revenue. It now serves over 300,000 customers in 12 countries around the world, making it one of the largest CBD brands in Europe. With products ranging from CBD Oils and tinctures to softgels and isolates, Nordic Oil aims to make CBD accessible and understandable to everyone who can benefit from it.

Alongside Nordic Oil, the Nordic Group also features a number of other brands including Nordic Cosmetics (a dedicated skincare line), NatuPet (providing CBD products for pets), and Sundt (a line of liposomal vitamins and supplements). All four brands are committed to providing industry-leading products and expertise to loyal customers around the world.

With this campaign, launched in partnership with Seedrs, the Nordic Group aims to bring the benefits of its hugely popular products across these brands to an even wider audience. Backed by a history of product innovation and exceptional customer service, the campaign is set to propel Nordic Oil to become one of the major global players in the CBD market.

Nordic Oil Co-Founder Dannie Hansen said about the campaign: “We’ve been working hard to build this business and deliver the best possible experience for our customers. After recording strong growth in 2020, we’re looking forward to expanding even further off the back of this crowdfunding campaign.”

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About Nordic Oil:
Nordic Oil is the market leader in Europe’s CBD market with more than 300,000 customers of its wide range of CBD products including oils, topicals, concentrates, e-liquids, and pet products. As one of the most innovative, pioneering and experienced CBD brands in Europe, Nordic offers an extensive range of products and continuously pushes the barriers of CBD usage. For more information please visit:

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