Cloudreach Launches Smart Modernization to Accelerate Enterprise Cloud IT Modernization

New service offers 40% reduction in time-to-value for workloads and data insights

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cloudreach, the leading independent multi-cloud services company, has today announced the launch of Smart Modernization – a new first-of-its-kind offering that will support enterprises in modernizing their applications and accelerating their digital transformation.

The new service helps enterprises plan, launch and continuously track a cloud modernization strategy, which is then executed by Cloudreach’s flexible DevOps engineering squads on an ongoing basis.

Smart Modernization harnesses the power of two new Cloudreach offerings to accelerate cloud initiatives and deliver innovative new ways for businesses to keep pace with cloud advances. The two main components of Smart Modernization are:

Sunstone: The first-of-its-kind software platform that uses AI and machine learning to identify opportunities to modernize applications and actively recommends action plans.

DevOps as a Service: Launched earlier this year, this new offering taps into DevOps as a Service making Cloudreach’s broad-ranging cloud expertise accessible via a simple and flexible monthly subscription. Cloudreach teams work side by side with organizations, helping them to embrace DevOps within their own teams and continuously modernize and optimize based on bespoke business objectives.

Jason Sutherland, Head of Application and Data Modernization at Cloudreach, said: “We’re excited to unveil our Smart Modernization service, underpinned by our new data-driven platform, Sunstone. The combination of our software and cloud native experience will give businesses a clear roadmap for the modernization of their applications – and the expertise to keep improving it.”

Smart Modernization

Historically, cloud modernization has been prone to delays and can be confusing for IT decision-makers who struggle to keep up with the pace of the cloud. Smart Modernization uncovers opportunities to innovate while also providing the tools, plan and professional expertise to do so. Results to date have shown a 40% reduction in time-to-value for application workloads and data insights, and a 30% faster adoption of containers and microservices.

“The service works in three simple steps,” says Sutherland. “First, Sunstone maps out dependencies within the portfolio and finds opportunities to modernize the cloud estate. Then, using the data and our cloud expertise, we craft a modernization plan to provide recommendations for a company’s goals. Finally, business priorities are met through an ongoing program of continuous modernization via Cloudreach DevOps services.”

Sunstone AI and ML

Cloudreach’s Sunstone software is integral to Smart Modernization. The platform provides visibility into existing IT assets, then uses AI and machine learning to provide an actionable modernization plan.

When paired with DevOps as a Service, the two processes provide a comprehensive assessment of a company’s application estate, resulting in a bespoke program of modernization. Key benefits of Smart Modernization include:

Accelerated time to discovery: Sunstone is quick and simple to onboard, enabling users to review modernization options in record time.

Continuous modernization: The software drives continuous improvement to applications, to ensure the IT estate is highly functioning and has the agility to take advantage of best practise cloud technologies.

Optimizing hidden costs: Cloudreach’s industry-leading algorithms rapidly identify ways to reduce licence costs and counts, while improving performance.

Automated business cases: All potential modernization options are analyzed simultaneously, to provide an automated business case and justification for executing the modernization.

Accurate and consistent: Cloudreach’s recommendation engines are derived from the work of leading cloud architects, and are built on best-in-class expertise to provide reliable advice to meet business needs.

Bespoke business outcomes: Businesses can modernize their own way, with options to configure the prioritization schedule based on security, cost savings, agility increase, and other key performance indicators.

Sutherland adds: “What’s particularly appealing for businesses is this approach can become a recurring function for any company looking to continuously modernize and adopt next generation cloud services. Sunstone is now fundamental to how Cloudreach delivers these recurrent modernization services to customers.”

The service is available for cloud modernization using Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

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