Cubic Partners with CVEDIA to Enhance AI

Cubic enhances ITS products with synthetic data for AI models

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cubic Corporation today announced its Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS) business division has partnered with CVEDIA, an artificial intelligence (AI) solutions company to enhance its GRIDSMART products.

CTS will utilize CVEDIA’s synthetic data technology to continue to rapidly scale deep learning models for GRIDSMART omnidirectional cameras and other intelligent transportation systems (ITS) solutions. The GRIDSMART product pioneered horizon-to-horizon, computer-vision tracking for ITS applications and is installed in nearly 10,000 intersections in more than 1,500 communities globally.

“Safety is the most fundamental need for all drivers and vulnerable road users traveling through intersections. CVEDIA’s AI and synthetic data expertise allow us to both augment our existing AI models and rapidly iterate for new applications,” said Jeff Price, vice president and general manager of Cubic Transportation Systems’ ITS unit.

GRIDSMART is a complete omnidirectional-imaging, real-time computer vision product comprising hardware and software that works with traffic controllers to actuate intersections and provide rich analytics data. GRIDSMART uses real-time computer vision technology and deep neural net classification to track and discriminate vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians as they approach, enter and exit intersections. The system improves safety for bicyclists and pedestrians while simultaneously allowing for improved intersection efficiency with multimodal traffic.

CVEDIA will enhance and build new AI models for object detection and classification, support vulnerable road users (VRU) and safety efforts, and improve vehicle detection and high-resolution localization. CVEDIA’s synthetic technology puts an end to the need for training data, thereby eliminating training bottlenecks such as manual labeling while dramatically improving algorithm performance.

“CVEDIA is excited to expand our relationship with CTS and GRIDSMART,” said Arjan Wijnveen, CEO and co-founder of CVEDIA. “We are the only company that has solved the ‘domain gap’ issue of synthetic versus real data performance. By using our technology for GRIDSMART products, we will further our mission to create a new generation of AI.”

The partnership began as a consultancy in 2019 after Cubic acquired GRIDSMART Technologies, Inc.

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CVEDIA takes the work out of computer vision development. The future of AI is simple – that’s why we built technology to bring your ideas from concept to market in 2-4 weeks. Our market-leading synthetic data technology lays the foundation for more accurate, more powerful, and easier-to-understand AI – all while integrating into your team’s workflow and hardware.


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