Dr. Sung Yang on Natural Ways to Reduce Your Chance of Getting COVID-19

Find out the special insight of Dr. Yang as he shares strategies for reducing COVID-19 through all-natural ways.

HONOLULU, HI / ACCESSWIRE / JUNE 2, 2021 / With COVID-19 ravaging across the globe, many people have worried about contracting the virus with long-term consequences. Dr. Sung Yang understands the critical need for people to use every tool and resource to avoid getting this deadly virus. Even for those who have been vaccinated, the risk of contracting another strain now or one in the future exists. However, Dr. Sung Yang has a natural way you can reduce your chance of contracting COVID-19.

To understand how to reduce your chances of catching the coronavirus, you need to know two types of people who are high on the list to get it. These high-risk individuals have obesity and diabetes, which confer a weakened immune response to COVID-19.

Dr. Yang discusses the secret to success in these areas. The key factor that can impact both your weight and diabetes is insulin and not just blood sugar. Insulin stimulates cells to absorb and utilize the sugar in the blood but it can convert excess or unused sugars into fatty acids, which then circulate and deposit as fat within fat cells in our body and cause weight gain.

Dr. Sung Yang recognizes how difficult it is to lose weight. For many people, it can be a real struggle. That’s why he is encouraging his patients with the “keto diet.” Through this safe and effective diet, you can drop pounds quickly and lower your sugar at the same time.

By losing weight fast through the keto diet, you reduce your chance of getting COVID-19, and you will bring your sugar levels under control. The keto diet is based on the body going into ketosis, which is when your liver is programmed to burn fat instead of carbs for fuel because carbs are not available. When your body is burning fat, you will lose weight much quicker than other methods of weight loss. Dr. Yang explains that in order to get to this point, you need to cut out the carbs in your diet, so your body will begin burning the fat. Also, the keto diet causes your liver to produce “keto” molecules that generate more and longer source of energy for all of your cells so that you are more physically and mentally more energetic and feel less hungry.

According to Dr. Yang, losing weight and reducing blood sugar levels are some of the natural ways to prevent COVID-19 infections and complications.


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