GATC Health’s AI-aided Genomics Recognized as High Value Booster for Medicine By HealthCare Business Today

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AI–The value of GATC Health’s AI-powered approach to genomics continues to gain attention as a solution for rapid drug discovery and highly accurate diagnostic tools. The latest article in Healthcare Business Today cites the company’s Multiomics Advanced Technology™ (MAT) as the driver for more accurate predictions about disease states and individual responses to diseases and treatments that will make medicine truly personalized.

The company focuses on Predictive Multiomics™, which analyzes the various biological components of an individual to predictively model what may happen when a disease or treatment is involved. GATC’s MAT differs from other systems that use mathematical, algorithm-based models in that it thinks like human biology, mimicking the interdependence of biological systems to deliver more accurate predictions. Because the platform thinks biologically, its use leads to faster and more accurate detection and the identification of more treatment and intervention options.

GATC Health and its partners are currently investigating the causes and treatments for addiction, identifying in just three weeks three new molecules that could form the basis for a new type of addiction treatment. The company believes that in this case, it has accelerated the drug discovery process by approximately 20 percent.

In addition to its work as a valued partner to pharmaceutical companies, GATC Health has created consumer-based platforms to address a number of pressing health problems. So far, GATC has launched platforms for viral immunity, health and wellness, depression and anxiety, and recently announced its new diabetes platform. To read more, visit

About GATC Health:

GATC Health is a pioneering technology company dedicated to personalized, predictive healthcare. It is at the leading edge of healthcare where individualized genetic data helps predict risks and treatment outcomes, and precision medical interventions are tailored to each patient’s unique needs. GATC Health’s proprietary Multiomic Advanced Technology™ (MAT) uses advanced artificial intelligence to analyze an individual’s DNA, along with billions of other points of biological data, to yield the most comprehensive, predictive health analysis available. The company’s diagnostic products include diabetes, viral immunity, health and wellness, depression and anxiety, and medical cannabis, with cardiac risk launching soon. The company also works with major pharma partners to help fast-track drug discovery and repurposing.


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