GCN and Spiketrap Partner to Help Brands Engage Gaming and Esports Audiences

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#brandsafety–Contextualization analytics platform Spiketrap and GCN, Inc. (Gaming Community Network), part of the GameSquare Esports group of companies, today announced a strategic partnership empowering brands to safely and effectively identify, reach, and engage with the 2.86 billion gamers globally.

Using Spiketrap’s proprietary Clair AI technology and robust knowledge graph, this partnership allows Spiketrap to overlay their technology across the GCN media network (reaching 115 million monthly active users per month) to create the most optimal mix of relevant sites for gamers based on powerful and relevant contextual indicators, including media sentiment scores, audience affinities, brand safety, and more. GCN will have the ability to leverage a highly specific filter to drive messaging essentially to consumers on a 1:1 basis to ensure that brand messages are being placed in front of the most relevant audiences.

Spiketrap’s media intelligence solutions — including brand safety, influencer insights, and contextual advertising — enables marketers to find relevant and safe ways to engage their target audiences. Through this partnership, GCN will leverage its gaming industry expertise in concert with Spiketrap data to help advertisers reach targeted gamer personas in the right media contexts.

Specifically, Spiketrap’s AI powered insights will help GCN identify audience affinities for brands, optimize campaign performance through contextual targeting, and verify placement safety and relevance.

“Providing contextual audience intelligence is our core mission at Spiketrap,” said Kieran Fitzpatrick, Founder and CEO at Spiketrap. “GCN is poised for explosive growth, and we are thrilled to help safely and effectively drive positive brand engagements and optimal campaign performance for gaming audiences everywhere via our strategic partnership.”

“It’s critically important as we activate brands within our global network that they feel confident they will be represented authentically,” said Jeff Griffith, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer for GCN. “Words matter when content creators and influencers are streaming or posting. Spiketrap can monitor those conversations in real time, so we can give our brands peace of mind that we can make adjustments quickly and efficiently to keep them safe.”

About GCN

GCN, Inc. (Gaming Community Network) is the only independent media group completely dedicated to gaming and esports across community sites, content producers, influencers and tournament/event operators. Bridging the gap between traditional media and gaming with a “Gamer First” promise, GCN’s aggregated & integrated proprietary media network reaches 65M+ MAU’s in the US (115M+ MAUs globally) driving scale for premium content designed to provoke and share conversations. GCN builds bespoke strategy solutions from content creation to full-scale tournaments for any endpoint be it social, broadcast TV or live stream. As a GameSquare Esports Inc. (stock: GSQ, Canadian Securities Exchange) subsidiary, GCN collaborates with its partners to deliver memorable experiences for gamers and brands. To learn more, visit GCN.gg or follow on LinkedIn.

About Spiketrap

Spiketrap is the conversation contextualization company powering instant audience understanding for creators, platforms, and brands. Its proprietary Clair AI extracts the signal from the noise of high velocity online environments, providing clients with clear, actionable insight into what moves their audiences.

Built upon the foundation of its AI and robust knowledge graph, Spiketrap is a trusted provider of brand and media intelligence. Its always-on measurement, convenient API, and intuitive dashboard democratizes data and accelerates speed to insight.


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