Here Is How This E-commerce Business Has Impacted The Cleaning Equipment Industry & Its Clients After Its Launch

DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / June 2, 2021 / has emerged into a leading online cleaning equipment portal. After various calculations in understanding the e-commerce world. There are many glitches and hiccups during the process that come up. These would usually be from the clients and the procurement side of the cleaning industry, mostly from the way they think when purchasing any equipment.

Going into e-commerce as an independent company in the cleaning equipment industry was a big achievement. However, the outcome of it all was a very positive and making sure that all aspects of payment methods were available in order for any customer to make a payment comfortably. We are talking 6 to 8 figure equipment that is being purchased online.

“Determining the true aspects of buying expensive cleaning equipment online was always a very challenging part of the industry for many clients and procurements managers” says Maaz Rehman. E-commerce has become an absolute necessity for all industries. The idea was to give clients and the procurement department flexibility to analyse the prices online and take decisions while having an ariel view of understanding the figures, when getting a cleaning contract for any facility.

Shopping online for 6 to 8 figure cleaning equipment was never a very logical thought in the cleaning equipment industry, as time went by, experienced the urge to shift the agenda. Now, the business caters to over 150 products online, ranging from cleaning equipment, janitorial products, hygiene products, and industrial batteries.

Understanding the true aspects of e-commerce in the cleaning equipment industry is very challenging. It gets clients and procurement managers thinking and analysing many aspects of the equipment, “it’s just a matter of understanding the equipment, watching the videos their website thoroughly and reading the technical data sheet at the comfort of your desk. Doing so, such practise can really reduce costs and further overheads for the facility management company that has won a contract and is now looking to mobilize equipment for that specific project. With that being said, instead of going and organizing in-person demos of the equipment at the site, the client can literally watch the videos and read online on our website and understand every aspect of the equipment and make an informed decision to purchase it online from our website.


Maaz Rehman is a millennial entrepreneur that always knew the unique selling proposition for his company and how it has absolutely leveraged on the way his clients can benefit from the e-commerce business. He knew exactly how it would cause a positive shift in his industry.” There are many amazing positive benefits that we offer to all our clients, ranging from phone support, email support, and 24/7 online chat, where people can literally use any sort of support option, they like to enable them in learning more about the equipment and make an informed decision to purchase it online”. He goes on to explain that “this is the most rewarding aspect of their e-commerce in the cleaning equipment industry, and they strive to make the most suitable purchase for all their clients with this amazing support system”.

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