Hiram Walker Partners with Bullfrog Power to Procure Green Natural Gas for their Windsor Facility

WINDSOR, ON / ACCESSWIRE / June 24, 2021 / Canada’s leading green energy provider, Bullfrog Power Inc. (“Bullfrog”), announced that Hiram Walker & Sons Limited (“Hiram Walker”), is choosing green natural gas for their distillery in Windsor. This green energy purchase is an important step in reaching Hiram Walker’s goal of reducing CO2 emissions now and for generations to come.

“At Hiram Walker, we have a very ambitious roadmap when it comes to Sustainability and Responsibility (S&R) and we are committed to a clean energy future,” said Craig Dryburgh, Senior Director of Operations at the distillery. “That is why we are proud to be partnering with Bullfrog Power to procure green natural gas for our facility in Windsor.”

Through the agreement, Bullfrog Power’s producers put green natural gas into the pipeline to match the amount of conventional natural gas used by Hiram Walker’s Windsor facility. Bullfrog’s green natural gas is sourced from methane-capture projects situated at various landfills, wastewater treatment facilities, and anaerobic digestion sites. Through innovative technology, biogas is captured, cleaned up, and injected into the natural gas pipeline system, displacing fossil fuel-based gas while reducing emissions of CO2 and, more importantly, CH4 into the atmosphere. Watch this How It Works video to learn more about Bullfrog’s renewable energy sources.

“We’re excited to see the important steps Hiram Walker & Sons is taking to address their environmental footprint,” said Sean Drygas, President, Bullfrog Power. “By choosing green natural gas, Hiram Walker is helping to reduce our dependence on polluting forms of energy, transition Canada to renewable energy sources, and signaling to their industry that clean, renewable energy is important to all stakeholders.”

Bullfrog also uses the support of its customers to help fund more than 150 new community-based green energy projects across Canada.

Hiram Walker’s purchase, which will be equivalent to 80,000 GJ of green natural gas over the course of the year, will avoid 4,000 tonnes of CO2e-which is like taking 868 cars off the road for a year!

About Bullfrog Power, Spark Power’s sustainability division

Bullfrog Power, part of Spark Power Group Inc. (TSX: SPG), offers smart and sustainable energy solutions that help thousands of businesses and individuals meet their climate goals. In 2005, Bullfrog Power revolutionized Canada’s energy landscape by giving businesses and individuals a renewable energy choice for the first time. Bullfrog Power’s team of sustainability experts also offers solutions including power purchase agreements, energy efficiency, on-site solar, and a suite of green energy products. As a Certified B Corporation, Bullfrog Power meets higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Visit bullfrogpower.com to see how our sustainability solutions can power the future of your business, or join the bullfrogpowered community online on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About Hiram Walker & Sons Limited

Established over 150 years ago, Hiram Walker & Sons Limited’s tradition of blending quality ingredients, processes and highly skilled people continues at the Windsor, Ontario based production facility. Hiram Walker produces brands such as J.P. Wiser’s®, Lot No. 40®, Pike Creek®, Gooderham & Worts® and Royal Reserve® Canadian whiskies, Polar Ice® vodka, Malibu® and Lamb’s® rums, and McGuinness® and Criollo® liqueurs for Canadian distribution by its affiliate, Corby Spirit and Wine Limited. Hiram Walker is a subsidiary of Pernod Ricard S.A., a leading global spirits and wine company with premium international brands such as ABSOLUT® vodka, Chivas Regal®, The Glenlivet® and Ballantine’s® Scotch whiskies, Jameson® Irish whiskey, Beefeater® gin, Kahlúa® liqueur, Mumm® champagne, and Jacob’s Creek®, Wyndham Estate®, Stoneleigh®, Campo Viejo®, Graffigna® and Kenwood® wines.

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SOURCE: Spark Power Group Inc.

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