Hybrid Working, Zoom Fatigue and Crypto – Artesian Expands Topic Taxonomy to Keep Users Ahead of Key Trends

7th June 2021: The past year has seen dramatic evolutions in both customer behaviour and FSI trends. In response Artesian, a leader in client intelligence and risk solutions, has expanded its vast news topic taxonomy to ensure users cut through the noise with automated, highly accurate focused insights on the companies that matter, ultimately driving commercial opportunities, competitive advantage and better customer experiences.

Mike Blackadder, Chief Customer Officer at Artesian explains “The Internet is a treasure trove of valuable information, the challenge has always been surfacing the right information at the right time. Whereas a Google search may return millions of broad results requiring further manual interrogation, applying Artesian’s taxonomy of 2,250+ topic filters to a list of target companies means users are returned with highly relevant, accurate and refined insights which can be used to personalise messaging, improve client engagement or generate content ideas. With natural language processing and machine automation, this can be done at scale across an entire client book, giving users the ability to intimately understand their customer’s world and use this to provide a better service through tailored solutions.”

Artesian has always prided itself on using data and advanced technologies to solve high value commercial FSI problems. Topic filters are a powerful way for frontline teams to uncover relevant personalised information on a list of target companies. The newest additions to the vast topic filter menu include trending topics such as Hybrid Working, Zoom Fatigue and Workspace, as well as emerging commercial FSI risks and opportunities including CMA Fines, Crypto, Ethical Investing, Cyber Risk and Sixteen Perils.

“Now is the time for financial service institutions to make investments in the right digital tools”, concluded Mike. “Artesian is allowing its users to augment and expand their existing customer knowledge, become subject matter experts and achieve better data-driven customer experiences.”



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About Artesian
Artesian is a leading provider of client relationship intelligence and risk solutions aimed at helping you find your next customer, identify risks, engage effectively and solve complex, high value challenges in B2B frontline teams.

Artesian combines innovative data-science with the world’s best premium business information, a powerful Insight Engine and bespoke processing rules, connectors and APIs, to deliver a uniquely configurable platform.

Used by the leading banks, financial services companies, insurers, tech and telco enterprises, Artesian solves numerous challenges from business development, sales engagement and customer management, to more specialist tasks like client risk pre-screening, customer onboarding and commercial underwriting automation.


Source: RealWire

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