Hyperion Research Releases 2021 MarketView Report for Enterprise Legal Management: E-Billing and Matter Management Systems for Corporations

NEW YORK, June 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hyperion Research, an Epiq company, today announced the release of the 2021 MarketView™ Report for Enterprise Legal Management (ELM): E-Billing and Matter Management Systems. New for 2021, this report provides a global review of the trends driving the market for ELM solutions and comprehensive evaluations of the advanced solution providers that define the legal ELM solution landscape.

Hyperion’s acclaimed MarketView™ program serves as the definitive and only independent, analyst-based resource for legal solutions market intelligence and advice. With over 500 hours of analyst research, benchmarking, client interviews, and vendor briefings, this 2021 MarketView™ Report provides an invaluable resource for general counsel and legal operations executives to understand the leading trends in corporate legal department management and the software solutions landscape.

At nearly 160 pages, the report provides all the research and analysis decision-makers need to drive a solution evaluation process, including:

  • Trends in the ELM solution market such as:
    • The impact of the pandemic on legal technology investments
    • The rise of contract management
    • International e-Billing capabilities of ELM solutions
  • Hyperion’s 100 key solution components of leading ELM Systems
  • Comprehensive overview of the ELM vendor landscape
  • Review and assessment of 10 advanced solutions
  • Guiding principles for selecting and implementing solutions

“Legal operation teams, empowered to improve efficiency and service quality, are demanding more from their ELM solutions than ever before,” said Phil Henderson, senior director at Hyperion Research. “This shift to a customer-driven market is fundamentally changing the way legal teams approach technology and places today’s ELM solutions in the center of an increasingly diverse collection of legal technologies and tools.”

In a market well populated with a broad mix of capabilities, this year’s MarketView report evaluated over 30 ELM solutions marketing to corporate law departments. The 2021 MarketView report provides detailed analysis of 10 advanced solutions from Busylamp, doeLegal, Legal Suite, LexisNexis, Mitratech, Onit, Thomson Reuters, and Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions.

The report is available to all Hyperion Research membership clients or for purchase online with immediate download at Hyperion Research (www.hgpresearch.com). To download the executive summary visit the ELM MarketView page. The report’s purchase includes a 60-minute briefing session with a Senior Analyst to discuss and answer questions about the market and solution providers.

About Hyperion Research

Hyperion Research, an Epiq company, is the industry’s leading source for Legal Solutions Market Intelligence. Hyperion Research is an independent market research organization. The profession’s leaders, innovators, and trend-makers have come to rely on Hyperion Research as the premier provider of independent market research, analysis, and advisory services. We provide unparalleled insight into the leading trends in legal strategy, operations, and technology.

Hyperion Research is an independent market research organization. Our research coverage of any vendor is based on their significance in the market and our clients’ interests; Hyperion Research does not accept any renumeration in exchange for participation in the MarketView Research program and reports. Hyperion Research maintains full editorial independence over all research reports, research findings and other analyst work product.

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Jessica Abad-Serpas
Hyperion Research, an Epiq Company

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