iX Global Impacts Lives through e-Learning Gamification

SALT LAKE CITY, UT / ACCESSWIRE / June 16, 2021 / iX Global is a Utah-based startup tech company that specializes in providing a gamified social media platform with an emphasis on self betterment to its users. iX has revolutionized the self-development industry by making transformational and personal growth social, which has led iX Global to become the fastest-growing self-betterment platform in the world with tens of thousands of customers, subscribers, and raving fans.

The iX Social Ecosystem integrates some of today’s most profitable industries into a single platform to empower digital entrepreneurs around the world by combining the best community, content and business technologies. This creates the world’s most powerful financial technology and self-betterment offering. Between free and premium content iX boasts over 500 hours of high-quality training material in a variety of areas with an emphasis on Personal, Professional, and Financial betterment. Their courses range from technology based offerings in e-commerce and drop shipping, travel discounts for members to financial academies. iX has recently announced the addition of its own Marketplace with great value and discounts for its users and will soon be offering Health, Wellness, and Beauty products and solutions as well. iX Global has gamified the way people approach learning with community fortified habit tracking, accountability and recognition, social challenges and tournament leaderboards.

iX Global was founded in 2019 by former Marine Corps Sergeant Joseph Martínez, an international business mentor with over ten years of experience building multinational businesses. iX Global launched officially in May 2020 amid global shutdowns at the height of the pandemic, and yet, in just its first year, it has gained over 60,000 users and more than 30,000 Brand Ambassadors and Influencers, placing it among the fastest-growing social and tech companies in the world. iX Global carved out a unique niche by emphasizing the social gamification aspect of its community assisted e-betterment platform and, in doing so, generated over $8 million in sales in its first year.

iX Global’s mission is to Innovate, Inspire, and Impact the lives of those who seek to be more. iX has created an ecosystem that inspires its members to innovate and impact their life.

iX President Paul Barlow stated: “The education system around the globe is a thing of the past. It does not prepare us for the world of tomorrow. Our platform weaves some of today’s latest trends together with principle centered development in any area you are looking to develop.”

Users can choose from transformative content taught by some of the best trainers that have experienced the results of these principles in their own lives, and amplify their success long term by participating in iX’s accountability community.

At iX Global, learning is a lifelong adventure. The iX system is designed to unleash your maximum potential in the key areas of your life including mind, body, and spirit.

iX’s Chairman Miguel Rodriguez shared what iX is all about. “It’s about being a Rockstar at work, having a healthy, youthful, energetic body, experiencing unbreakable joy, love, and fulfillment, and connecting deeply with the people and communities around you while contributing your unique gifts to others too. This is not the kind of traditional learning you were taught in school. The ultimate goal is not a degree or temporary excitement and motivation. It’s to be a better you!” he said.

Having created the simplest and most powerful rewards program in the marketing space, iX Global is also a pandemic/lockdown-ready business opportunity that offers Ambassadors and Influencers multiple ways to generate different streams of income.

“I would like the readers to know,” stated CEO Joseph Martinez, “that there is an online community that they can be a part of, filled with people just like them who are looking to be more, and we have the tools, systems, and mentors to help you grow in all areas of your life. iX is a powerful platform that will help change peoples lives!”

Over the past year the world has changed immensely, and over the next five years iX Global is positioned to be a tech platform that can help anyone adapt to these changes and conquer their own life despite the adversity.

Viraj Patil added, “Our focus is and will always be to bring a transformative experience to our members’ lives, be it financially, in their personal relationships, or professionally. iX has something to help you stay on target and reach your goal of a better you in each of these areas. With iX, you are not alone, and you can master yourself, your life, and the even changing world.”

In the coming years, iX Global can be expected to elevate its services by adding more tools, resources, and mentors so that its members can build better relationships, fulfill their dreams, and experience happiness in every area of their lives.

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