Janet Jarnagin is the Featured Subject of a New Interview

The New York-Area Executive Consultant Sat Down To Discuss the Finer Points of Board and Management Reporting and the Importance of Making Connections Organically

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 7, 2021 / New York-area executive consultant Janet Jarnagin is pleased to announce that she is the featured subject of a forthcoming business personality profile. The interview, which was conducted by an online periodical that focuses on matters relating to thought leadership, touches on topics ranging from the uncommon nature of her profession to her preferred approach to networking.

Addressing her role as an executive consultant specializing in board and management reporting, Janet Jarnagin breaks down her niche in the business world by outlining one of the larger, recurring problems that companies employ her to solve. ‘Too often in the past, managers would become frustrated with perceived inefficiencies in their company and simply toss a decade’s worth of systems and processes away indiscriminately, without taking the time to analyze what works and what doesn’t,’ she explains. ‘I feel like this has begun to change, and managers are focusing more on reforming/streamlining.’

Later in the profile, when asked what she would tell others looking to get started in the realm of corporate board and management reporting, Janet responds by conjuring up memories of young people she has mentored in the past. ‘One of my favorite projects is working with young professionals and giving them advice on how to properly network without it coming off as a chore,’ she says, elaborating further, ‘So, what does that mean? It means making connections and seeking advice organically throughout the course of a workweek and not trying to arrange a long talk at an espresso bar after hours or on the weekend. Networking shouldn’t be forced,’ she asserts.

Those who wish to read the interview in its entirety or learn more about Janet Jarnagin are encouraged to visit her professional website.

About Janet Jarnagin

Janet Jarnagin is an executive consultant specializing in board and management reporting, primarily within the financial industry. Widely viewed as an expert on the subject, Janet makes a living by analyzing corporate data, both qualitative and quantitative, and synthesizing it into concise and informative executive presentations. She also helps to stabilize and refine business processes, proceeding to make recommendations to companies as to how they might be improved on a macro and micro level. Janet Jarnagin currently lives and works in New York City.

Janet Jarnagin
Management and Board Reporting Executive
Email: janetjarnagin@prmcampaign.com

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