Japan Steel Works America and iMFLUX Announce Partnership

iMFLUX amplifies the benefits of JSW America’s all-electric presses

NEW YORK & HAMILTON, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Japan Steel Works America, Inc. (JSW) and iMFLUX, a subsidiary of P&G, have signed a collaboration agreement to integrate iMFLUX processing software on the full line of JSW America presses.

The partnership provides JSW customers with access to the iMFLUX low-constant-pressure molding platform on their high speed all-electric presses, particularly important in packaging applications. iMFLUX enables reduced tonnage requirements, further lowers energy usage, and adapts to material variation in real time. JSW & iMFLUX are challenging the industry to think differently about processing with sustainable resins and providing sustainability solutions to the industry at large.

“We believe the iMFLUX technology is one of the most innovative technologies to come into the PLASTICS Industry. It corrects many of the molding defects molders struggle with every day,” said Dale Bartholomew, National Technical Manager for Japan Steel Works America, Inc. “It is a pleasure to work with the iMFLUX team, to bring this technology to our customers.”

“The iMFLUX technology is a perfect fit with the innovative features of JSW-America’s line-up of high-speed injection molding machines,” said Kevin Wise, iMFLUX’s CFO and VP Business Development. “Our team is poised to work with JSW to bring new ways for our joint customers to address some of today’s most difficult molding challenges.”

Virtual Demonstration Scheduled as part of iMFLUX Fearless Innovation Series

A virtual event held by iMFLUX on July 20, 2021 will highlight the iMFLUX processing technology on a JSW J350ADS-460H-Ultra Spec. The demonstration will highlight how the process adapts to mold and material changes in real time, a key enabler to customers reaching their sustainability goals. Watch the process automatically adjust to blocked cavities and material changes, going from a virgin SR549 PP (11 MFI) to Sustainable Resin’s PCR (25 MFI), while maintaining part quality, weight, and dimensions.

About Japan Steel Works America, Inc.

Japan Steel Works America, Inc. (JSW) is a 100% owned subsidiary of THE JAPAN STEEL WORKS, Ltd (JSW Japan), founded in 1978 to facilitate the sales, marketing, importing, and distribution of the forgings and castings, plastic machineries produced by JSW Japan. Our core business is to develop an extensive technical knowledge base in plastics technology to become a leading supplier of all electric injection molding machines in the United States. Leading the growth and advancement of technology and innovation in plastics machinery for over 50 years, JSW provides a full line of all-electric injection molding machines, ranging from small to ultra-large models and offering ease of operation, safety, and environment-friendly improvements such as energy-saving, and space-saving features. Moreover, we offer technical support in line with customer needs, including consultation and systems for factory automation. Our production and research facility, located in Hiroshima Japan, conducts research on machine element technologies with a mission to continually upgrade the performance and quality of our injection molding and plastics processing machinery. JSW’s never ending quest for improvement is reflected in every aspect of our product functions. This includes productivity, quality, energy saving, and IoT capability, while prioritizing reliability and durability in its products. The high value-added, high functional all-electric injection molding machine we produce is making a major contribution to all sectors of the plastics industry. We are committed to providing the equipment technology, and a dedication to support our customer’s success by drawing strength from our parent company combined with our seven convenient locations in the United States. www.jswamerica.com

About iMFLUX

iMFLUX, a wholly owned subsidiary of Procter & Gamble, is transforming the future of plastic injection molding. With iMFLUX, sites run more reliably with fewer operator adjustments. Manufacturers can produce higher quality parts, reduce costs, and lower capital – all while advancing sustainability efforts. iMFLUX provides the way to autonomous molding with a new capability to design and mold that impossible part. The revolutionary low constant pressure injection molding platform works with virtually any plastic injection machine, material, and mold. For specific questions or more information, please email info@imflux.com . Follow us on LinkedIn and twitter @iMFLUXinc.


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