KHB Architecture Focuses On The Emotional Impact And Connection To Building A New Home

GILBERT, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / June 2, 2021 / Our homes, the spaces where the biggest and smallest moments of our lives happen have a profound emotional impact on us, and help instill in each individual person a lifelong sense of home. Where we live is more than simply four walls and a window, it becomes part of us emotionally for our entire lives, whether we realize it or not. Arizona-based architect Heather Brakefield, founder of KHB Architecture Studios is different from what most people picture when they hear the word architect, for her designing a new space is all about honoring the emotional connection people have with where they live. Brakefield takes the emotions that people have towards their home, and what they intend for it, and transforms that into a schematic design. The ultimate goal is to create a space that fulfills both practical physical needs and emotional expectations.

“Emotional connectivity to where you live, to your home, is significant, and something that should be honored, not just ignored as a side piece. It should be upfront and center and is the most important part of the process,” Heather Brakefield.

What sets KHB Architecture Studios apart from the rest is the level of involvement and empathy that is shown for the client from start to finish. All too often people feel that they do not need an architect, or that the architect is there simply to take measurements and sketch up a quick blueprint. The process is far more personal than that, and bringing in a professional such as Brakefield allows for a thorough understanding of the needs behind a project, and how to fulfill them. Brakefield aims to embrace the emotion involved and use it to drive the process, providing expert guidance and giving clients a home they are fully comfortable and at peace in.

Everything about a space affects people in a sensory way, lighting, angles, shapes, open spaces, closed-in areas, these all foster a different type of emotional connection and experience for the people within them. Brakefield keeps this connection a priority in everything she designs, starting with getting to know a client by performing a Vision & Strategy Analysis to see what different choices are available to meet their needs. As she explains, even a small project, like adding a covered porch, can change the entire atmosphere of a home, and how someone feels about their home, so she begins by exploring what it is they want, what the underlying motivation is, and what their connection to that space is.

With Brakefield the architecture design process is collaborative, she does not simply get an idea of dimensions and style and then design a home or renovation, she is communicative and open the entire way, and includes the client in each step. Once an initial design is in place, she goes through each part of it and incorporates their design changes, modeling what each proposed change will look like so they can see it for themselves. When the design is done, she takes care of all the appropriate documentation to submit to local building departments. After that, she does not simply hand things over to contractors and builders as is often the case with other architects, instead, she stays connected, managing and observing the full construction process to ensure things are being done in a way that honors the initial need and motivation of the project.

Brakefield has been designing homes and commercial buildings for twenty years, however, her love of architecture and design started as a young child. She remembers always coloring houses, creating elaborate designs even in grade school. Brakefield has spent the last several years in Arizona, with a long career of designing buildings up and down California. She decided to open her own studio when COVID-19 created changes in her life and decided it was time to create a firm that genuinely represented what she does. Now, she is working to create spaces clients, both commercial and residential, will love and enjoy for years to come. Along with that, she aims to mentor younger architects to foster the same emotional connection with clients and their designs.

KHB Architecture Studios currently works in both Arizona and California, you can learn more about what architectural design services Brakefield offers and get in touch through her website.


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