KRBP Presenting at July 2021 Gamma Delta T Cell Summit to Showcase Our Off-The-Shelf Allogeneic Gamma Delta T Cell Therapy

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$KRBP #KRBP–Kiromic is being recognized as a pioneer of Gamma Delta T (GDT) cell therapy manufacturing and has been invited to present its off-the-shelf allogeneic CAR-T technology at the prestigious Gamma Delta T Cell Summit in July 2021.

— April 2021. KRBP presented its manufacturing of GDT cells at the recent AACR 2021 annual meeting.

— June 2021. KRBP received an invitation from the GDT cell summit organizers to present Kiromic’s technology.

— July 2021. KRBP will present at the GDT Cell summit.

— 3Q 2021. Projected First In-Human dosing for solid tumors.

Early clinical data is starting to come in. The excitement is building. The race is on.

The Annual Gamma Delta T Therapies Summit is gathering the world leaders in Gamma Delta T therapies who will harness GDT cells and bring to market the first effective, allogeneic GDT cell therapy for solid tumors. Gamma Delta T-cell Summit Link:

Chief Executive Officer of Kiromic, Maurizio Chiriva-Internati, DBSc, PhDs, stated:

“We are developing what we believe is ground-breaking innovative technologies and have demonstrated that our chPD1 receptor was effective on solid tumors in both in vitro and in vivo models with minimal toxicity.

This invitation to present at the July conference is a recognition of our progress and we are grateful for this opportunity.

GDT cell manufacturing has been a challenge for the cell therapy space.

At this conference, we will be reviewing how we have faced the challenges of cell extraction, cell gene edits, manufacturing yields, and product purity.”

Chief Operating & Manufacturing Officer of Kiromic, Ignacio Núñez comments:

“Our end-to-end operations organization, including manufacturing, supply chain, QA, QC and compliance continues the preparation and readiness for Phase 1 of the clinical trials targeted for 3Q 2021.

Our operations team is growing, incorporating industry veterans with exceptional cell and gene therapy experience.

We are excited with the launch of this high performing team and a revolutionary process around a continuous improvement mindset.”

Chief Strategy and Innovation of Kiromic, Gianluca Rotino, stated:

“The GDT cell industry is taking notice of our progress, and as such our GDT cell technology will be the exclusive domain of Kiromic for years to come.”


About Kiromic Scientific Posters Presented at AACR 2021




Adoptive Cell Therapy

Poster No.


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Gamma delta T cells engineered with a chimeric PD-1 receptor effectively control PD-L1 positive tumors in vitro and in vivo with minimal toxicities.

Take Away

Chimeric PD-1 (chPD1)

Demonstrated that Kiromic’s chPD1 receptor was effective on solid tumors in both in vitro and in vivo models with minimal toxicity.

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Kiromic announces 6 posters presented at AACR 2021 showcasing our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Biomarker engine

About AACR (American Association of Cancer Research)

About Kiromic

Kiromic BioPharma, Inc. (Nasdaq: KRBP) is a target discovery and gene-editing company utilizing a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) platform focused on unleashing the power of the patient’s own immune system to fight cancer.

Kiromic’s pipeline development is leveraged through the Company’s proprietary target discovery Artificial Intelligence engine called “DIAMOND.” Kiromic’s DIAMOND is big data science meeting target identification, dramatically compressing the man-years and the millions of drug development dollars needed to develop a live drug.

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