Latino Wall Street, Two Years of Empowering the Latino Community Worldwide To Invest in the Stock Market

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO / ACCESSWIRE / June 3, 2021 / Back in 2019, the stock market and all of its financial freedom potential was only accessible to individuals who spoke English in the United States. Inspiring Gabriela Berrospi and her husband, Tony Delgado, to assist the countless eager Latino individuals that failed to access the benefits that came from investing in the stock market due to the language barrier, they decided to do something about it.

Leveraging Gaby’s entrepreneurial background and education, mixed with Tony’s work in the online education space, they launched what would become a global phenomenon: Latino Wall Street. In an effort to create wealth in the Latino community, they banded together to create educational resources and platforms that made all of the tips and tricks of stock marketing investing accessible to those who speak Spanish. Gaby had already been teaching others the skill of trading at that point, but realized she had never offered it in her native tongue.

The project started off in an effort to make stock market investing as simple and accessible as possible for the Latino community. Gaby Wall Street partnered up with Alan Burak, a Manhattan-based hedge fund owner and founder of Never Alone Capital, to create what is now a movement built on collaborative networks with dozens of successful Latino entrepreneurs. Its network of collaborators includes influential figures from the Latino community who have achieved success in their respective industries: Hollywood actor George Lopez, nutrition guru, Sascha Fitness, Mexican actress and model, Maite Perroni … and many more.

Changing the Latino World, One Investment at a Time

By working to reach 400 million people in Latin America, Latino Wall Street has, to date, worked with more than 3,000 active students and over 100,000 readers each week. Latino Wall Street is represented by Gaby at the Forbes Financial Council, the only Latina writing on that column, which strictly admits members from millionaire companies. They are also regarded as the #1 Spanish-speaking platform for the stock market today.

As Latino Wall Street celebrates two-years in business changing Hispanic lives, the company is reflecting on helping thousands of individuals to generate income online, from home, during the pandemic. They have made the ins and outs of the stock market easy to follow and even easier to access for average families, with 110,000 followers from Latin America and the US. The team behind Latino Wall Street has proudly proclaimed that there is, ‘no need to be an economist, finance guru, or company to get in on the stock market action;’ anyone with wifi and a dream can get started.

Through their programs and free educational content, more Latinos are acquiring financial literacy that they can use to break generational wealth constraints for their families. They are using this information to improve their quality of life, while also sharing it with their loved ones. It has created a domino effect of financial literacy that is poised to continue changing lives for years to come.

What is Next for Latino Wall Street?

Latino Wall Street is one step ahead, now creating specialized programs that teach Latinos how to profit from the cryptocurrency market. In fact, the company hosts a dedicated TV live session, every Friday, called Crypto Friday as part of the Latino Wall Street TV membership. It is now the flagship project of Latino Wall Street, as they see the benefit of getting in on this market while it’s still in its beginning stages.

Additionally, the Latino Wall Street team knows that life isn’t all about money; it’s about happiness, moments shared, and quality of time. Money is merely a means to make all of these things possible.That’s why the community has launched a new program called Latino Family Coaching (LFC), designed to help Latino families plan for their financial futures. It’s no secret that Latino families plan for the here-and-now, which is why Latino Wall Street is showing them they can have a lasting financial legacy for generations to come. The programs will help Latino families to feel fulfilled and rooted in their values while they pursue financial freedom, safeguarding what makes the Hispanic community so amazing.

As part of the LFC family commitment, the teams are hosting a kid’s trading course in Spanish and in English. Their learning platform will make it easy for kids to get in on financial literacy, since accessible schooling largely fails to provide this kind of education today.

And last but not least, LWS has expanded their learning platform to add LWS Pro to their students. This is a membership program that offers all participants constant guidance from their team of experts, so they feel supported in their investment decisions everyday.

It’s safe to say: this is just the beginning for Latino Wall Street. Latino Wall Street wants to thank everyone who has been supportive since the beginning.

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