Melaleuca, Inc. Selects Verdant as PLM Implementation and Software Provider

SOUTHLAKE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CPGVerdant—a provider of consulting, SaaS products, and development services—announced today that Melaleuca, Inc. has selected Verdant as their Oracle PLM Cloud implementation partner. Additionally, Verdant’s Digital Formulation Workbench and COG-based compliance offerings were selected to provide streamlined capabilities around product prototyping and simulation, labeling, and global compliance.

“We are pleased to partner with Melaleuca on this important global innovation initiative,” said Wes Frierson, Chief Strategy Officer at Verdant. “Melaleuca is joining other industry leaders in an exciting evolution to digital innovation platforms. These next-generation solutions enable product companies to leverage information in modern and exciting ways. They can produce even better products faster—with a new level of agility and intelligence.”

This industry-focused offering from Oracle and Verdant will allow Melaleuca to further scale their already impressive innovation capability. Additionally, it will create new collaboration opportunities and evolve Melaleuca’s customer-focused innovation process by leveraging integrated intelligence throughout the innovation cycle.

“Melaleuca is excited about our partnership with Verdant and Oracle and look forward to the benefits we expect to receive from implementing this innovation platform,“ said Hank Toone, VP of Global Marketing and Strategic Initiatives at Melaleuca. “We expect this solution to further enhance what we’ve done so well for the last 35+ years: our ability to innovate and deliver safer, more effective, eco-friendly, and affordable products to our shopping club members.”

About Verdant

Verdant focuses on improving innovation, quality, and commercialization capabilities by transforming the way companies leverage technology. Verdant is a trusted partner with leading CPG brands, offering industry-specific advisory and professional services paired with innovative technology and product offerings.

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About Verdant Digital Formulation Workbench

Digital Formulation Workbench is a cloud-based development and simulation environment designed specifically for formulated product development. The solution features a purpose-built interface, real-time simulation engine, and innovative smart features such as AI-driven insights, augmented decision making and visual alerts to ensure design, cost and regulatory targets are being met.

About Verdant COG Platform

COG is a SaaS platform that intelligently connects Enterprise platforms such as PLM, MDM, and ERP to leading industry tools, data services, and market intelligence. COG offerings seamlessly extend capabilities, automate complex processes, and allow product-centric companies to integrate intelligence directly into innovation and decision processes.

About Melaleuca, Inc.

Melaleuca: The Wellness Company develops and markets more than 480 natural health and wellness products which are sold on, the largest online wellness shopping club of its kind with nearly two million monthly shoppers. These health, home cleaning, pharmaceutical, and personal care products are designed to stand out from the competition by being safer and more effective than grocery store brands. Each product must be superior in a very clear and relevant way to the products consumers might otherwise use. Melaleuca continuously develops unprecedented, research-proven, and patented technologies. Most of Melaleuca’s products are manufactured in Idaho Falls, Idaho or Knoxville Tennessee. Visit for more information.


Wes Frierson

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