Mobility Insight Announces Expansion to Florida

ORLANDO, FL / ACCESSWIRE / June 3, 2021 / Mobility Insight, Mobi, announced the establishment of Mobility Insight USA, as a Florida-based company. The announcement took place at the Florida Israel Innovation Expo & Conference, held virtually this year, where CEO Dov Ganor, Jay Reddy, VP of Sales and head of the Florida office, and Bob Siegel, VP of Business Development and Strategy, presented the company’s next-generation traffic management product, its achievements in Israel and the US, as well as Mobi’s business development roadmap scaling into the US market from its newly formed Florida HQ. The conference also included two additional speakers that set the stage for Mobi’s way ahead: Vladimir Simon, Head of the Economic Planning Department at the Israeli Ministry of Transport, gave the client’s perspective on Mobi’s successful state-wide implementation of its demand analytics platform, and Chris Francis, Vice President of Technology and Analytics with Florida’s Marlin Engineering, described the already established partnership between Mobi and Marlin, and the companies’ joint business development efforts that have been set in motion.

Mobi enables road authority and operator clients to unlock their traffic grid. The company’s traffic congestion reduction technology improves road network levels of service by more than 30%, helping road operators achieve a Return on Investment of as much as 8.7 times the cost of the Mobi system. In addition, Mobi’s system enables road network operators to introduce new revenue streams that also help manage congestion including congestion pricing. Its operational Traffic Management as a Service (TMaaS) AI-powered cloud software provides policy making, transportation planning and traffic controlling users with sight, foresight and actionable insight.

Mobi’s Traffic Management as a Service (TMaaS) Platform
Mobi’s accomplishments include state-wide traffic analytics to the Israeli Ministry of Transport, support of Atlanta’s traffic management center in reducing congestion around its downtown events area, including the 2019 Super Bowl, and is currently the analytics provider on a team working with the U.S. Transportation Research Board’s National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) to develop an analytical framework and KPI-driven practices to support state transportation agencies’ decision-making processes.

“The results that we are seeing today are remarkable,” said Vladimir Simon, regarding Mobi’s state-wide system implementation. “We now have the most advanced, comprehensive understanding of the movement of the people across Israel. We are not aware of any project like this in terms of magnitude and usage of big data technology. We would like to share our experience, our knowledge, and our best practices with Florida to jointly advanced smart and efficient traffic management.”

“Being in the field of transportation for 30 years I can say that Mobi’s Traffic Management as a Service (TMaaS) is a game changer,” said Chris Francis, from Marlin Engineering. “Mobi formed an alliance with Marlin to develop intelligent transportation and mobility analytics systems for Florida and the U.S. Southeast. The innovation of TMaaS makes the system a true next generation traffic management solution. We brought Mobi to the TRB’s NCHRP program to develop the performance measurements for future transportation systems that will include connected and self -driving vehicles, multiple modes of transportation, forms of e-commerce, and more.” Francis said. He added that the goal of the Mobi Marlin alliance is to develop a safe, fast, and seamless transportation system for the great state of Florida that will enable the economy to continue blooming. “We are confident that the strategic alliance with Mobi will enable Florida and Southeastern transportation agencies to reimagine and then transform transportation, guided by powerful new forms of data analytics and technology.”

Dov Ganor, Mobi’s CEO, said, “Mobi’s Traffic Management as a Service (TMaaS) solution orchestrates all the tools that are needed for the full cycle of traffic management. TMaaS enables national, state, and local governments to proactively reduce congestion by maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of their transportation policies, planning, and operations. TMaaS also enables governments to develop new revenue streams to fund infrastructure, such as pay per use.” He concluded, “We come from the tech hub of Israel to provide a cutting-edge traffic management solution addressing Florida’s traffic congestion challenges – to unlock the traffic grid and provide better traveler experience.”

About Mobility Insight (Mobi)
Mobi addresses one of the toughest problems of urban environment – traffic load reaching full network capacity. The company’s operational Traffic Management as a Service (TMaaS) cloud software provides an advanced solution for today’s traffic network and tomorrow’s connected vehicle ecosystem – enabling road authorities to understand traffic dynamics, optimize flow and proactively alleviate congestion across any road network. As such, TMaaS drives digital transformation in the traffic management center, supporting the full decision-making life-cycle, from mobility situational awareness, evaluation of alternative mitigation strategies and setting a course of action, to assessment of network impact. TMaaS has established a clear value proposition in effectiveness and efficiency, based on big data fusion, driven by real-time descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and delivering AI-powered decision support.

The company headquarters is in Israel and its North American headquarters in Florida, with operational sites on both high demand road networks and state-wide networks – providing road authorities with a turnkey solution to their network’s demand and performance management challenges.

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