NVision Group’s Vlad Nov Announces Exclusive Merger

KALININGRAD, RUSSIA / ACCESSWIRE / June 25, 2021 / MTS is Russia’s largest cellular phone operator, and NVision Group has been successfully providing mobile business solutions since 1997.

NVision group was founded in 1993 and now employs over 1000 team members with offices all around Western Europe as well as in Moscow Business Park. The company also provides software development services for companies of all sizes. Celebrating this merger, MTS will be sponsoring a concert at one of Moscow’s most prestigious theaters.

“Russia is the second-largest country in terms of mobile subscriber numbers and even though we are not number one – Russia owns 87% market share with 150mn subscribers, which is very close to China’s 193mn subscribers – this gives us an opportunity for acquisition as well. We knew there were many deals in developed markets such as AT&T/Time Warner and Sprint/T-Mobile USA recently,” said Vlad Nov, the leader developer on the project.

Russian Software Developers Celebrate

Vladislav Redkin, Vice President for Business Development at MTS start to speak about the merger: “I’m delighted to announce that NVision will be merged into Sistema’s subsidiary SITRONICS JSC. We provide anti-scam administrative functions to our billing system named BSS/OSS that will remain with MTS.

Each party is pleased by the merger as it has clear benefits. Vlad sees a new opportunity in implementing innovative solutions through the company’s core competencies across various tech segments – including Big Data. Vlad also mentions that all employees have been offered an open door and may choose to stay with the company or move onto a new project.

As an owner, Vlad Nov does not limit himself to one industry. He sees himself as a personal threat to other developers. His communication has helped him build teams that are cross functional, and able to release a lot of content. He is currently contributing to management as well as web development on this portion of the NVision business. He takes pride in his ability in being able to manage the array of products available, since there are only 5-6 at a time that can be built.

Once the development of the project began, Vlad’s team did not withdraw their work and moved on the next phase of design. This was a very exciting time for NVision Group, as the cross-functional team could see the website operator’s products come to life. Each member contributed to shaping the core design from conception all the way through its release.

More details about software engineering and productivity tips can be Vlad Nov’s website, at the following link https://vladnov.org/

NVision Group’s newest project is called Sistema, which Vlad Nov will be taking a lead role in.

Vlad Nov is a freelance software developer working for NVision Group. He is known as a freelance web developer working with Javascript, MongoDB and other advanced web technologies. He is responsible for directing the engineering teams at NVision Group on the project before this merger. Vladislav Redkin is the Vice President of Business Development.

Vladislav Rokin
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