OVHcloud® US Announces the Availability of Managed Kubernetes Services

New managed container orchestration service allows developers to focus on their core business, while getting the most out of the Kubernetes ecosystem

RESTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OVHcloud US, a leading global cloud provider, today announced the availability of its managed Kubernetes Service. Kubernetes combined with OVHcloud’s Public Cloud service provides the perfect platform on which to build and operate scalable cloud-native applications with on-demand computing and storage resources.

As a managed service, in addition to maintaining the underlying hardware, OVHcloud also manages the Kubernetes software stack, keeping it up-to-date with critical updates associated with bugs and security patches. OVHcloud’s Kubernetes also delivers load-balancer and auto-scaling capabilities, giving developers the ability to start small with entry-level instances and then upgrade to more powerful instances when moving to larger-scale production.

“The ability to deploy, manage, and scale consistent and secure-by-default Kubernetes instances on demand defines what it means to be cloud-native. The power of our managed Kubernetes in our Public Cloud environment allows teams to iterate faster, automate more aggressively, and exploit modern application-lifecycle paradigms. With an overwhelming amount of production applications expected to be cloud native within the next 18-24 months, this solution addresses the major challenges developers face in delivering superior software quickly,” said Jeffrey Gregor, General Manager, OVHcloud US.

Key features of OVHcloud’s Free Managed Kubernetes Service

Kubernetes in combination with OVHcloud’s Public Cloud on-demand resources and pay-as-you-go consumption model provides access to several important features, including:

  • CNCF-certified managed Kubernetes offer – All of the components needed for Kubernetes to work are hosted and maintained by OVHcloud
  • Load Balancer and Pod Autoscaling – Have Kubernetes service delivered and worker nodes provisioned in minutes. Efficiently distribute traffic over multiple nodes via the OVHcloud Load Balancer
  • Persistent Volumes – Add persistent volumes to worker nodes, ensuring durability for application data
  • Simple, Easy-to-use Interface – Configure, add and delete nodes via the OVHcloud Control Panel
  • Role-based Access Control – Deploy services with specific levels of access
  • Multiple Versions and Upgrades – Choose from any of the latest three (3) stable versions of Kubernetes when creating a cluster
  • Integration with OVHcloud’s vRack – Flexibility to expose cluster(s) services publicly, or through the OVHcloud private network

Additional details on this new product offering can be found at

About OVHcloud US

OVHcloud US is a subsidiary of OVHcloud, a global cloud provider that specializes in delivering industry-leading performance and cost-effective solutions to better manage, secure, and scale data. OVHcloud US delivers bare metal servers, hosted private cloud, and hybrid and public cloud solutions, and was recognized as a “Strong performer” in Forrester’s Hosted Private Cloud Services in North America (2Q2020) and as a “Contender” in the IDC Worldwide Public Cloud as a Service Vendor Assessment (2020). OVHcloud manages 32 data centers across 12 sites on four continents, manufactures its own servers, builds its own data centers, and deploys its own fiber-optic global network to achieve maximum efficiency. Through the OVHcloud spirit of challenging the status quo, the company brings freedom, security, and innovation to solve data challenges – today and tomorrow. With a 21-year heritage, OVHcloud is committed to developing responsible technology and strives to be the driving force behind the next cloud evolution.


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