Pet Grooming Made Simple: HICC Groom Is Changing The Way People Think Of Pet Maintenance

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 1, 2021 / Pets are an integral part of any family that they belong to. 67% of U.S. households own at least one pet.Whether it is cats, dogs, hamsters, or any other pet, they play an important role in the family dynamic. However, pets can be a lot of work. They require grooming, attention and love, and lots of care. For a family, balancing kids, work, and pets can be difficult. Grooming can be incredibly stressful for both owner and pet as well as expensive.

HICC grooming is trying to remove at least one piece of the pet care puzzle by creating an easier way to groom pets. Their goal is to make pet grooming an easy, enjoyable experience to build a happy relationship with pets and make living with pets easier. Their company aims to eliminate difficult bath times or trips to the groomer.

In essence, they help consumers exert minimal effort on pet grooming and save money from regularly going to pet grooming salons, hence enabling them to allot more budget on other important aspects in maintaining a healthy pet such as good and high quality pet food. This would, in turn, introduce flexibility to the schedule of the pet owner.

On top of that, their goal is to also introduce their brand to professional pet groomers and inform them how they can augment the professional pet grooming process through their innovative pet grooming solutions. Overall, they are changing pet grooming from a dreadful experience into an enjoyable interaction with our furry friends.

Currently, they have received a lot of success from their pet grooming product, pet gloves. It has been successful due to its fresh, new, and exciting change to people’s routings; an innovation in the pet industry because it allows you to bathe and groom your pet anytime, anywhere. This has been their biggest success, but the business is still growing and they are open to learning from various businesses: from shared, to personal, and to the learnings of other entrepreneurs. They are also looking forward to learning from their consumers once they get to try their products, prioritizing their feedback as real world experience is one of the biggest inspirations behind their products and they look forward to fostering a healthy, authentic relationship with them based on their shared love for pets.

However, the true inspiration behind the team’s decision to open up their business was their owner, Tom Weilun’s, experience with meeting his girlfriend and her cat. As he learned to love the cat, he realized just how difficult it was to take care of a pet and groom them in particular.

“I was afraid of cats but I fell in love with my cat just after my girlfriend adopted one, but the grooming part was really stressful for me. I realized, this stressful experience of grooming our pet shouldn’t stop us from having and caring for one. If people were hindered from having their own pets and giving shelter pets a second chance in life because of difficulties like grooming, then it would be pitiful. This has motivated me to do something to get rid of such barriers and give people more opportunities to have their own pets and give more shelter pets a chance to find a home. HICC GROOM! is that solution and we aim to solve grooming challenges and make it an experience that fur-moms and fur-dads will enjoy,” Tom explains.

To find out more about HICC Groom and how they are helping with grooming, you can visit their Instagram page here.

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