Quantum Workplace Unveils Intelligence Dashboard and Data Feed Solutions, Leveraging Organizations’ Own Data to Enhance Engagement and Performance

Customized Dashboard and Data Feed Enables Business Leaders to Analyze Employee Engagement and Performance Data to Drive Business Success

OMAHA, Neb.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#QuantumWorkplaceBusinessIntelligenceQuantum Workplace, a leading provider of comprehensive employee engagement and performance software as well as the North American leader in data collection for nearly 50 Best Places to Work Programs across North America, announced today the unveiling of two of its newest solutions, the Intelligence Dashboard and Data Feed.

The Intelligence Dashboard and Data Feed allows both organizations early in data maturity as well as those more experienced in data mining, to closely analyze their people and business data — side by side — to identify patterns of engagement, performance, turnover and other workforce characteristics. This allows companies to enhance engagement and performance, ultimately driving business success.

Using a customized dashboard within the Quantum Workplace platform, the Intelligence Dashboard pulls, integrates and examines information from various data sources. These encompass the Quantum Workplace platform, Human Resources Information Systems and data warehouses. The combined information set is used to create visualizations and reports that instill employee confidence and motivate organizations to act accordingly and better shape their workforces. This results in smarter and faster talent and business decisions and higher performing business outcomes.

For organizations with mature business intelligence teams and established data lakes, the Data Feed will allow Quantum Workplace customers to easily extract engagement or performance data and add it into their own repository for deeper analysis.

The customized reporting and validation derived from the new Intelligence Dashboard and Data Feed is pioneering in that it automates a typical manual data analysis process currently prevalent industry wide.

The timely release of the Intelligence Dashboard and Data Feed directly coincides with the increased need for credible and validated human resources data of late. This can be evidenced by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recent adoption of Regulation S-K , a new disclosure topic requiring SEC-reporting companies provide descriptions of their human capital resources to the extent such disclosures would be material to understanding the company’s business. Furthermore, with more organizations returning to work and many pursuing hybrid workforces, business leaders are needing to align their employee and business data to gain a keener understanding of productivity and performance to make timely, informed decisions.

“For nearly two decades, Quantum Workplace has been a pioneer in capturing and analyzing the employee voice. We’ve spent the past five years modernizing performance management with our technology portfolio of software solutions. Now, with the Intelligence Dashboard and Data Feed, we’re focusing our attention on placing insights right in front of managers via a single view. Combining analytics from our platform with other data sources — especially an organization’s own data — will change the ways in which companies drive engagement and performance,” explained Greg Harris, Quantum Workplace’s chief executive officer.

“With the launch of the Intelligence Dashboard and Data Feed, organizations can directly and clearly see the relationship between employee and business performance and make strategic investments in their workforces. Businesses have become much more agile since the onset of COVID-19, and as a result, their data must be as well, so as to maximize productivity across their workforces. The Intelligence Dashboard and Data Feed does just that,” Harris concluded.

Cameron Wilkins-Aldridge, business intelligence manager at LBMC, an accounting, business advisory and professional services firm, added: ”With the Data Feed, we are able to streamline our existing year-end, month-end and several other processes. Rather than running manual reports around certain key dates, we now have regular access to data at the most granular level, which allows us to slide these metrics into our dashboards and applications. This gives us the most up-to-date data without depending on other areas of the business to provide it. From there, team members can see their progress and how they stand compared to firm expectations.”

The Intelligence Dashboard and Data Feed is a viable solution for any organization seeking to leverage their own data to make and act upon informed business decisions. Companies connecting their employee metrics with that of their businesses will benefit from the data feed component.

About Quantum Workplace

Quantum Workplace, a human resources technology provider, delivers modern tools for employee success that high-performance organizations have come to rely upon. Nearly 20 years ago, the Company pioneered some of the earliest employee engagement and performance software, and has since partnered with thousands of organizations to elevate employee, team and business success.

Quantum Workplace helps leaders connect the dots between engagement and performance with intuitive and user-friendly tools including comprehensive and automated employee surveys; goal setting and tracking tools; peer-to-peer recognition; real-time feedback; continuous one on one conversations; smart talent reviews; and robust people analytics.

With over 12,000 organizations surveyed annually, Quantum Workplace has grown into North America’s largest database of employee engagement data—through its core engagement and performance platform and nationally recognized Best Places to Work program.

To learn more, visit www.quantumworkplace.com or connect with the Company on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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