R2 Recycling Is Taking The Right Steps For Proper IT Asset Management

LAKEWOOD, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / June 4, 2021 / Over the span of less than 30 years, we’ve gone from having the internet on computers to having every type of connected device you can think of, from security systems & refrigerators to virtual & augmented reality devices. All of these devices store at least some of your personal data on them, and despite laws in place limiting how your information can be used, you can never be too careful. It’s always a good idea to ensure that you have safeguards every step of the way, ranging from good strong passwords & internet security systems to ensuring that your information is destroyed when a device reaches its end of life. For the latter, you would be hard-pressed to find a recycler with more experience and stronger credentials than R2 Recycling. When you partner with a recycler that has over two decades of experience and partners with recyclers around the nation that follow the valued R2 standard, you know you’re in good hands.

Regardless of the size of your organization, it is incumbent on management to find a secure data management solution to protect both employees & customers. You do not want to put such vital information at risk of being scavenged: it could severely damage the reputation of your business or result in significant fines. And while the harm that data breaches can do is always substantial for all of the victims, it is especially healthcare companies that take the most harmful hit. A representative from R2 Recycling went over with us what you shouldn’t do when it comes to your obsolete equipment to minimize the chance of having your data stolen.

When it comes to your old computers, smartphones, and such, DON’T:

  1. Hold on to them longer than you need to. Anything that isn’t properly destroyed or wiped has a chance of information being stolen from the drives and ending up on the black market. Furthermore, the value of your electronics depreciates over time, which means that you may end up incurring a greater expense to recycle them. The sooner you act by partnering with an experienced recycler like R2 Recycling, the better it will work out for all parties.
  2. Come to a snap decision when it comes to where you recycle everything. A lot of recyclers out there have sprung up from out of nowhere. Many have hardly any history of operation, and others still do not go through the certification process to stay in good standing. A sure sign of a trustworthy recycler is one that has the very stringent Class D certification and works with a nationwide network of partners that follow the R2 standard, and you will find that in R2 Recycling.
  3. Forget that your assets can be identified & followed by bad actors. In our highly connected modern world, memory storage can be found everywhere – especially now given the proliferation of “smart” appliances. With your digital footprints being in as many places as they are, data security should be the top priority when it comes to how you recycle your old electronics. This is why it cannot be stressed enough that you use a recycler that will physically destroy your hard drives and anything containing data that they take in, along with providing you a Certificate of Destruction verifying to you & environmental agencies that your information was not destroyed the easy way – it was done the right way.

Act swiftly, act promptly, and know that your business will be secure provided that you have a strong ally in the fight. With R2 Recycling, you know that you can count on their time-tested approach to electronics recycling, and they can provide you with a vast selection of methods to handle it.

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R2 Recycling is a premier computer and electronics recycler that provides solutions for towns, businesses, schools, hospitals, and government entities. The recycler serves clients nationwide.

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