Rising PR Titan, Kerryn Amyes, Shares How She Became Mindful Media’s Top Tier Publicist By Aligning With Her Values

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / June 16, 2021 / In Kerryn Amyes’ pursuit of a career that consciously contributes to humanity she discovered her calling as a top PR publicist at Mindful Media PR. In creating opportunities for mindful companies across the world to share their stories in top-tier press, Amyes is driving the change she’s long dreamed of seeing in the world.

“Every day I now get to talk to people who share the same values as me and create ways to get their stories out to the masses,” excitedly shared Kerryn Amyes, the Sr. PR publicist behind, Mindful Media, one of today’s Top 7 PR And Branding Firms For Entrepreneurs according to a recent Forbes article.

For Amyes, her passion for PR began in her early twenties. Starting with global online casting service StarNow.com to orchestrating 6-figure PR projects for 5-Star Hotels. Her extensive experience driving brand awareness and customer conversions through the power of PR in the world’s most prestigious industries has seamlessly transitioned to the world of press where she now creates optimal experiences for clients, audience members, and followers.

Today, the rising star is placing not only herself but the clients she brings to Mindful Media on the map as recognized and respected industry leaders.

About Mindful Media

Growing from a mere start-up in June of 2020 to a seven-figure success today, Mindful Media is a Vancouver-based industry-leading PR firm made up of passionate powerhouses determined to drive the change they wish to see in the world one piece of press at a time. Founded on the basis of working with mindful brands and businesses across the globe, Mindful Media is intent on sharing the stories of how these disruptive companies are creating conscious change in the world.

Through securing placements in top tier press, including Forbes, USA Today, Business Insider, and Yahoo Finance, Mindful Media drives web traffic, increases SEO ranking, and builds positive brand awareness for their clients through the power of the written word and media attention.

For those who wonder how important public relations really is, industry statistics and predictions are proving just how powerful it can be.

From 2020 to 2021, the public relations market is expected to grow from $88.13 billion to $97.13 billion. The reason behind this 10.2% annual growth rate? Companies, especially in the wake of COVID19, are recognizing how important their public image is as competition increases across all industries.

Now, more than ever before, brands and businesses need to establish a digital presence. The simplest and most effective way to create this presence is to reach audiences where they’re already at – top-tier press outlets.

In realizing this, Amyes dove headfirst into the PR press industry, leveraging her rich and diverse experience across numerous industries to provide invaluable offerings for brands and businesses seeking to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving world.

The Kerryn Amyes Success Story

Brought onto the team in early 2021, Amyes has since proven her immense value in creating genuine client connections, providing the 5-star experience she’s spent over a decade cultivating and determining unique and creative ways to share client stories.

With a career history of sensational feats, Amyes holds a portfolio of PR accomplishments that few can rival.

As the former Marketing Communications Manager for the then Langham, now Cordis, 5-star Hotel in Auckland, the New Zealand native spearheaded multiple PR events for the Hotel hosting international celebrities, athletes and politicians.

Her ability to turn vision to reality includes project managing the television commercial used to showcase the 5-star Hotel’s $35M rebrand to the public, attracting countless first-time guests and affirming Amyes ability to understand and create captivating content. Amyes successfully pulled off the operation, producing a high-quality commercial intent to capture the essence of the new brand.

Along with this, Amyes executed the Lobby Lounge Launch Party of the newly rebranded Cordis Hotel. “I decided to host a glamorous High Tea event, inviting 20 of New Zealand’s Top Social Media Influencers,” she fondly remembered. The expertly executed event had these influential individuals enchanted by the insta-worthy decor, delicious cuisine, and 5-Star hospitality, sharing the experience on their social feeds to millions of followers. This instantly drove traffic towards the Hotel, earning it a name as “the place” to go.

“For me, it’s not just about serving the client,” Amyes reflected. “It’s about anticipating what they need before they even realize it themselves. This is a mentality I developed throughout my years of working in 5-star Hotels that continues to serve me in my career today.”

Becoming Mindful Media’s Top Publicist

Despite rising the corporate ladder in her previous roles at luxury hotels and working with industry-leading brands, Amyes admits to discovering her true passion and purpose in the world of Mindful Media’s press empire.

“Mindful Media aligns with my values. I’ve spent a significant part of my career working with luxury brands and though I’ve had amazing opportunities to build a substantial career in those roles, I also had a deeper desire to align with individuals who are consciously creating a better world” Amyes expressed. “Working with Mindful Media has provided the contribution to humanity that I have longed for in my career. There’s always going to be people making a positive impact, and I want to help put them on the map for the world to appreciate.”

As the number one publicist of Mindful Media, Amyes is bringing to life the stories of entrepreneurs eager to share their message with the world. Her keen insight into what her clients need to achieve success and determination to drive that change is seeing entrepreneurial brands from all industries thrive in today’s increasingly competitive digitally fueled market.

For many, Amyes provides an inspiring example that taking action on your intuition has the potential to create a massive impact both inwardly and outwardly.

“I firmly believe that the right role is out there for everyone, you just have to be willing to let go of what is comfortable in order to discover it” informed the New Zealand-born powerhouse.

Acquiring her level of expertise by residing in multiple countries and working across numerous areas of marketing and public relations Amyes has experienced more than most. “Living in different countries requires learning a whole new market, new trends and new terminology which has provided me with a global understanding of the PR industry”.

For those looking to establish their digital presence honestly, consciously, and effectively, Kerryn Amyes is the PR specialist making that happen. Her unparalleled ability to predict what steps need to be taken to cultivate brand awareness and virality is taking the world of press by storm.

Connect with Kerryn Amyes today and learn how to take your business to new heights the honest way.


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