Running a Tutoring, Coaching, & Consulting Business Has Never Been Easier With Edety’s New All-In-One Solution

RICHMOND, TX / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2021 / As the world moves online and experiences a shift towards work-from-home type businesses, edety emerges as the ultimate platform for professionals looking for online opportunities to start training and live virtual service businesses. Designed for convenience, the platform allows professionals to create and manage live training sessions and virtual services in a single platform. Due to its exceptional features and capabilities, edety is readily becoming the number one choice of live virtual tutors, coaches, online consultants, and WFH businesses worldwide.

Some of the highly sought out features that provide edety a competitive edge in the market includes its virtual event hosting capabilities. Users can host virtual events that span over multiple days and invite up to 100 participants to partake in engaging and interesting events. The platform also features instant chat and group message capabilities to ensure seamless communication among professionals and clients.

Another great feature is that users can schedule appointments with clients and allow for 1-on-1 sessions with clients. This working model is ideal for tutors and 1-on-1 coaches as it creates a customized environment, allowing professionals to work closely with their clients. Finally, edety also takes care of the billing side of the business. Virtual consultants, tutors, and other professionals can offer monthly subscriptions and other payment deals and packages to their clients as per their requirements.

Talking about the billing capabilities of the platform, Monique Hudspeth, at edety explains, “We understand that billing can be a complex process and keep professionals from delving into the online world to cash their professional services. Therefore, we have equipped edety with automated billing solutions that take care of the technical side of the billing. Clients are billed automatically after every session. We have employed the best security standards in the industry to ensure highly secure and fully encrypted transactions. The goal is to help online businesses grow by streamlining the business processes and taking care of all the billing needs.”

Another reason why edety is taking the lead in the market is that, unlike a majority of other platforms, it allows users to receive payments immediately. Users no longer have to wait for days or reach a threshold amount to retrieve their money. The feature is desirable for those who routinely provide services in the online space and are always on the lookout for better platforms with improved payment retrieval solutions.

Finally, edety allows the users to advertise on the platform’s exclusive global marketplace, presenting entrepreneurs as well as established business owners with new growth avenues. Coaching and consulting businesses are automatically advertised in edety’s global marketplace without any additional costs.

The best part is that creating an account on edety is 100% free of cost. Moreover, the platform is highly user-friendly and does not require any technical knowledge on the part of the professionals who are leveraging the platform to provide their services to the students or clients availing the services. All in all, edety is the ultimate platform for providing and availing live virtual services. Visit to learn more.

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