Sea Island Interior Designer, VPI Design by Dina Varner, Presents Bookshelves with a Bang

Top Luxury Interior Designer, VPI Design by Dina Varner, explains the ways that bookshelves upgrade the aesthetic of any space instantly.

SEA ISLAND, GA / ACCESSWIRE / June 28, 2021 / Throughout history, bookshelves have been seen as an indication of wealth and power. These unique room accessories can hold knowledge, information, and even personal materials. Beautiful bookshelves are often found in offices and in-home libraries all around the world. Now, modern design is beckoning them into other parts of the home as stylish works of art. Bringing together design and function in a completely original way, luxury interior designer VPI Design, sees an opportunity to redefine a room by using these simple shelves more creatively.

Traditional Bookshelves in Design

In the design world, bookshelves have largely focused on traditional builds with a functional purpose. These standard shelves, which come in all kinds of different materials, have often been a point of interest for practical use specifically. Previously, they were impressive because of their contents. Recently, they have received a substantial upgrade and a new focus entirely.

Modern Bookshelves in Design

Older bookshelves were once known for their straight and angular appearances. Driven by function, they required little more than straight shelves and basic designs. Though they were often created using beautiful materials, modern design is taking these shelves one step further.

The bookshelves of today are not just a background piece designed to hold novels or atlases. “They bring color, texture, and interest to a room,” says Dina Varner, the Founder and Creative Director of VPI Design. These new additions are carefully crafted with unique builds and made to serve as functional works of art. With this new focus, bookshelves can grow and improve a room, and they can suit a long list of different design styles ranging from traditional to organic.

How Bookshelves Improve a Space

A beautiful bookshelf has the ability to transform a wall, and consequently, a room. These captivating additions can be used to add depth and other impressive designer touches that can completely remake a room and bring a touch of luxury.


Bookshelves are often made using different kinds of wood, which can be used to change or improve the entire color scheme of a space. Adding darker shelves can create a stunning juxtaposition when placed beside more vibrant splashes of color in an overall room design. For more modern aesthetics, bookshelves can be stained or painted to bring all of the colors of the rainbow, giving a room a fun and futuristic feel.


In luxury design, few traits are more important than the texture of a piece. Modern design principles demand different styles to create a balance and greater depth in a space. A bookshelf can bring texture through the appearance of the materials that create it, or even through the physical design of the shelves themselves.


Creating interest has been the goal of bookshelves for generations, but their methodology has changed. Previously, the interest was focused on the contents of the shelves themselves, a fact which is still common to this day. With the right style, bookshelves now have the ability to generate interest on their own through by altering or improving a room’s aesthetic.

Whether they are fitted with deep shelves that encourage a visitor to explore their contents, or they provide framing for mirrors and other designer pieces, bookshelves generate interest by highlighting key details and creating a specific focal point in a room. In so many ways, they capture attention and refuse to let it go.

About VPI Design by Dina Varner

Dina Varner is founder and creative director of VPI Design, an Atlanta and Sea Island Interior Design Firm working with both residential and commercial clients. She and her husband have been in the commercial construction industry for many years. Her inspiration comes from over twenty-five years of collecting and selling art and antiques through venues like Sotheby’s, Babcock Gallery, and Christie’s. This love of art and antiques started as a passion and has evolved into a successful business. Dina’s rich southern heritage, in addition to her love of fashion and travel, also act as her creative influence. The VPI Design team work together with a distinct flair for aesthetic insight into unique designs exhibiting elegance and style. They explore the use of light and texture for an organic appealing experience in every timeless interior. Combinations of art deco, vintage, and contemporary styles are combined to create elegance while simultaneously exuding simplicity and comfort in each living space. Her designers enjoy getting to know their clients personally to create a home that suits their individual taste. Dina believes that every aspect of a room should complement one another to tell a unique story.

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