SFL Scientific Named Partner of the Year for AI Services Delivery by NVIDIA Partner Network

SFL Scientific has been selected by the NVIDIA Partner Network as the 2020 AI Services Delivery Partner of the Year for the Americas. This is the third year that SFL Scientific has been honored in this category.

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SFL Scientific announced today that it has been selected by the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) as the 2020 Service Delivery Partner of the Year for the Americas. This is the third consecutive year that SFL Scientific has been honored with this award.

The NPN recognizes SFL Scientific for its commitment to promoting AI adoption through its AI consulting services, helping clients and partners develop new AI tools, products, and solutions by leveraging the power of machine learning and NVIDIA GPUs. By addressing how organizations capture valuable data across business functions, develop complex and tactical AI solutions, and operationalize their compute and data architecture to support technology investments, SFL Scientific has become a leading provider of AI services across twenty industries including healthcare, life sciences, industrials, and defense.

“Receiving this recognition from NVIDIA for the third year in a row is continued validation of our success in helping organizations solve unique R&D and operational challenges with deep learning and AI-based solutions,” said Dr. Michael Segala, CEO, SFL Scientific. “NVIDIA’s industry-leading GPU portfolio benefits not only our clients and partners, but empowers our firm to capitalize on these advances to create solutions beyond what is commercially available.”

The global NPN Program provides partners the expertise required to develop, deploy and maintain world-class accelerated computing solutions designed for today’s most demanding machine learning and AI workloads.

The collaboration with NVIDIA has been central to the deployment of high-throughput AI systems powered by deep learning, natural language processing, and graph-based anomaly detection. Joining the NPN program has enabled SFL Scientific to provide integrated solutions and AI professional services that take advantage of NVIDIA’s DGX™ systems and Jetson™ systems and SDK portfolio, including NVIDIA Triton™ Inference Server for optimizing the deployment of AI models in production.

“We recognize SFL Scientific for their depth of technical expertise and helping clients and partners from hardware enablement to AI deployment,” said Craig Weinstein, Vice President of the Americas Partner Organization at NVIDIA. “SFL Scientific’s collaboration with NVIDIA to develop strategic services for AI solutions has allowed organizations an easy to access on-ramp towards becoming an AI-driven enterprise.”

SFL Scientific’s data science and engineering teams have worked extensively to distinguish their capabilities working with enterprise organizations and federal agencies by developing novel data architectures, DevOps and MLOps tools, and custom algorithms to solve business and mission objectives. Recognized as an NVIDIA Elite Partner in 2021, SFL Scientific will continue to utilize and promote the best available technologies to meet client requirements.

About SFL Scientific

SFL Scientific is a US-based data science consulting firm focused on strategy, technology, and solving business & operational challenges with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Working with clients of all sizes, industries, and AI maturity levels, our capabilities range from developing corporate AI strategy to building custom AI applications at scale. With a globally connected network of technology and cloud partners, SFL Scientific’s core services include leading cross-functional efforts across business, IT, and operations. Hundreds of clients—including S&P100 enterprises, fastest-growing startups, and government agencies—trust SFL Scientific to create and accelerate AI initiatives.

For more information, please visit sflscientific.com and connect with us on LinkedIn & Twitter.


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