The Revival of Retail: A Critical Step In Returning Our Post-Pandemic Economy To “Normal”

One CEO and her company are championing a return to supporting local businesses – and emphasizing how, for many businesses, it’s the only road to recovery

ASHEVILLE, NC / ACCESSWIRE / June 16, 2021 / Over a year has passed since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and ‘life as we know it’ has been near unrecognizable ever since. The safety measures and financial implications have really taken their toll on businesses – and while we’re all looking forward to getting back to a more normal day-to-day, we have to consider that “normal” might not ever be the same again if we don’t return to the grassroots nature of supporting local economy.

As far as retail is concerned, a lack of footfall isn’t anything new. With e-commerce booming, there’s already been a steady decrease in the amount of people visiting brick and mortar shops over the past few years. The pandemic furthered that trend, highlighting a need for people to be as safe as possible when they shop. While the pivot of switching shoppers to a much more online-oriented and digital experience has been an easy step for some, CEO and founder of Franny’s Farmacy, Franny Tacy, is urging consumers to remember that it’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario.

“There are certain products, services, and experiences that can’t be sold online – like a massage, or a haircut. Beyond that, there’s often no ability to be given personalized interaction; it’s normal for people to need education and help customizing a purchase choice, and without in-person retail experiences, that ceases to exist.”

Franny is also a member of the Women in Hemp nonprofit and has personally witnessed business owners across the country closing shop, making staff cuts, and losing their ability to restock inventory due to supply chain disruptions. In order to help curb the downfall, she’s encouraging people to patronize their local businesses and keep taxes within the community, while helping to shape the unique character of Asheville, NC where she resides.

The good news is that shoppers are beginning to ask whether or not their money is making a positive impact on the world, which has caused a shift in the way people purchase goods. People are making choices based on ethics and sustainability, seeking out companies that have high ethical standards over those that offer low prices and fast delivery. Franny’s Farmacy is certainly espousing that, and Tacy recommends that other business owners highlight those merits in their own models.

Franny’s Farmacy franchise locations are also doubling down on customer service, and have corporate extending more training to their employees to make sure their locations hit the highest safety guidelines – aiming to do everything they can to keep the focus on bringing people back through the doors. “Whether you realize it or not”, she says, “When you shop local, you are individually stimulating the local economy with your support. Rethinking the role of retail in society will be key to rebuilding loyalty and trust in a post-pandemic world. Shopping is on a path to becoming more of a leisure activity for the consumer – so amazing customer experiences that cannot be replicated with e-commerce, will thrive.”

About Franny’s Farmacy

Franny’s Farmacy is committed to supporting the health and wellness of its customers through its innovative organic farm, network of principled partner producers and institutions, and traceable seed-to-shelf hemp products. For more information, visit

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