Tycoon Platform. Bithumb Global listing, NFT Contest and much, much more.

PAPHOS, CYPRUS / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2021 / Tycoon.io is the world’s most advanced social trading platform enabling a bridge between beginners and advanced crypto traders in a seamless and intuitive environment.

There are many newcomers in the crypto space, but just a few of them are skilled at trading. Tycoon allows literally anyone to participate in trading using real crypto assets, instead of derivatives ( CFD’s ) and make the whole process as easy as clicking just a few buttons. Oh and the coolest thing is, because of the API connection technology, nobody from Tycoon can have access to the user’s funds. Ever!

Trading is as much of an art than it is a science. It takes years of gruelling hard work and unshakable determination to get good at it. Tycoon is here to take the grunt work of complexity out of this equation. Professional traders are doing what they do best. They trade! Newcomers can simply connect to these traders, tap into their strategy and copy to their trades in real-time. Trading could not be any simpler!

Three listings in a row

After the first listing on Whitebit.com, Tycoon has surprised their Global community by also being present on Uniswap ( one of the biggest decentralized exchanges ). Now strike 2 has been hit home by the second listing on Bithumb Global. One of the top tier exchanges with a solid track record and reputation.

NFT contest, TYC deposit and Staking program

Tycoon lives and breaths crypto. The current NFT challenge is a great example of this. 10,000 TYC tokens are up for grabs by the 5 best NFT artists that can pour their hearts and souls into this digital creative wave 2.0. The challenge is turning over boulders on the social media networks as we speak.

The event kicked off on 14.6.2021 and is running until 29.6.2021. More information is available in the Twitter blog post, alongside a huge treasure trove of valuable educational content meant for crypto newcomers.

Tycoon is ready to allow all users to deposit TYC tokens onto the platform with military-grade security. No more writing down seed phrases and passwords that need to be kept in 3 copies at grandma’s house.

Onboarding Crowdsale investors

Tycoon is infinitely grateful to all the early investors and adopters. This is why there are many incentive and reward programs waiting to be deployed. First of all, in July, the public sale investors are being onboarded as copy traders. They will have the opportunity to connect to their favourite traders and jump onto his/her trades in real-time. Crypto never sleeps, just like the Tycoon platform. There’s much more planned for the months ahead and the team is on fire.

Making Crypto Trading accessible to one and all

Tycoon connects all kinds of traders through the use of API technology via the Binance exchange, the world’s largest and most reputed centralised crypto exchange. Yes, funds are SAFU.

New traders can simply follow professional traders and ‘copy’ their trades in real-time. When the trader is profitable, so is his/her follower. How cool is that?! The professional trader is doing what’s most important; trading. All the worries of creating a loyal community of followers are handled by Tycoon. Just like Nokia in the past, Tycoon is simply and elegantly “connecting people”.

But what’s the big deal? There are many copy trading platforms out there. What makes Tycoon so different? Currently, the copy-trading platforms are trading derivatives ( synthetic versions of real assets ). Traders are actually trading abstractions. Aside from that, the brokers get paid even during non-profitable trades. Not cool and not productive! Meanwhile, Tycoon is actually allowing people to trade real assets. Also, there’s a profit-sharing system that only charges a fee when the professional traders are profitable.

What sets Tycoon apart?

In the crypto-space time moves incredibly fast and the learning curve for any newcomer is sometimes too much to handle. This leads to fewer people actively participating in this technology that literally IS the future today. Tycoon is not just a copy trading platform that strips all the complexity out of trading, it’s a lot more than that! It’s a knowledge base packed with essential information that drags ANY newcomer through the necessary knowledge about crypto and blockchain tech in a record time. It’s a collective of more than 50 people working in all parts of the world just to make sure the platform is running smoothly with intuitive UI and 24/7 support. Tycoon is working on becoming the main conversation point during the thanksgiving table. Here’s how:

  • 100% oversight and control: Users have total control over their assets and trades at all times. Traders connect using an API key that can grant specific permissions to the platform, for example: read, execute, etc. Traders decide which permissions they give (according to their intentions, being a trader or a follower). Withdrawal permissions are of course not given. Only the owner of the account can withdraw their assets at any time he/she chooses. Tycoon takes this very seriously.
  • Safety: All funds are on the user’s own exchange account. Tycoon never has access to these funds. It’s technically impossible to do!
  • Fair play: Tycoon Platform doesn’t make money if traders aren’t profitable. The Tycoon platform has a profit share-based business model and has the customer’s best interest at heart.
  • Simplicity: Crypto trading shouldn’t be difficult. This is why all the complexity is attacked head-on by Tycoon. If you can use a computer, you can be a crypto trader!
  • Customer support battalion: Just like the crypto space, the Tycoon support is reachable 24/7 and 365 days per year. The Tycoon support team has the best response time in the industry.
  • Passion for crypto: The Tycoon team lives and breaths crypto every day. The team posts frequent educational articles as well as interesting social media posts in order to give all the platform users an edge in this market. New users are joining the Tycoon platform daily. This is exactly why the team is doing their very best to educate the community about all the fine details of this space. This valuable knowledge will be important throughout their whole life.


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