UrgentMED Offers COVID-19 Travel Testing, Pre-employment Clearances & School Physicals

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2021 / As California is safely reopening, UrgentMED understands the growing challenges California residents face with regards to taking care of their families. UrgentMED has made it its mission to fill this void, helping everyone in the community stay safe and keep healthy.

In addition to the full scope of urgent care services that UrgentMED offers, many patients are turning to their clinics as schools and workplaces reopen to full capacity, and as travel returns to a sense of normalcy. Three key services that patients are utilizing are: COVID-19 travel testing, pre-employment clearances, and school physicals.

COVID-19 Travel Testing

COVID-19 PCR – All UrgentMED locations offer same-day results for COVID-19 PCR testing. Simply be at one of their clinics and get swabbed before 11am. Your results will be obtained at the latest by 10pm the same day. Otherwise, UrgentMED still offers a highly convenient 24 hour turnaround time for all patients tested after 11am. Available for those traveling both internationally as well as domestically, UrgentMED is approved for all COVID-19 PCR testing.

COVID-19 Antigen Testing – Walk-ins are welcome for COVID-19 antigen testing as well. Results are obtained within just 15 minutes.

Pre-Employment Clearances

Many organizations throughout California require what is known as a ‘pre-employment clearance‘ prior to any new hire being placed into their position. The most common type of pre-employment clearance is similar to that of an annual physical.

These clearances ensure the safety and well-being of any new hire in their new role, and assures the employer that a new hire is physically and/or mentally capable of performing the tasks required of them.

Those individuals who require pre-employment clearance can now have this service performed at any UrgentMED clinic. UrgentMED will work closely with any employer to ensure that the clearance meets any unique standards that they have and to ensure that the process is quick, effective and affordable, enabling patients to begin work as soon as possible.

Types of Pre-employment Clearances and Tests Performed at UrgentMED Include:

  • Physical examination
  • Back evaluation
  • X-rays
  • Drug screens
  • Blood work
  • TB tests
  • Lift testing

School Physicals

Each year millions of children return to school, participating in classes, extracurricular activities such as sports and band, and socializing with friends. The majority of schools and programs require participating children to show proof of an annual school physical in order to clear that student for any type of physical activity. This precautionary measure ensures the safety and well-being of them and other children in the programs.

UrgentMED is proud to offer high-quality school physical exams across all of its walk-in clinics in Southern California. With no need for an appointment, these exams are flexible, accessible and affordable. In addition, all UrgentMED clinics are open until 8pm, allowing ample time to take one’s child after school.

UrgentMED Sports Physical Exam Include Assessments and Evaluations Such As:

  • Physical examination
  • Vision screening
  • Height and weight calculations
  • Range of motion testing
  • Blood pressure evaluation
  • Measurement of pulse
  • Joint, neck and back exam
  • Immunizations
  • Blood work if necessary
  • And more…

These tests enable a physician to properly assess and address any developmental, social or emotional concerns that parents or a child may have.

Those parents bringing their child in for a school physical are encouraged to bring with them the following:

  • A copy of the child’s most recent immunization record (important)
  • Insurance card (if insured)
  • School, sports or camp physical form

About UrgentMED

Founded in 2007, UrgentMED Network entered the healthcare industry with the goal of revolutionizing patient care. In less than two decades they have grown to become the largest urgent care network in all of Southern California.

Their dedication and commitment to providing accessible and exceptional patient care is at the forefront of their expansion efforts, propelling growth and opening up the opportunity for new clinics in markets that can truly benefit from their services.

Features and Benefits of UrgentMED Locations:

  • No appointment necessary
  • Open 365 days out of the year
  • Most insurances accepted, with affordable treatment for the uninsured
  • Free parking
  • Extended hours of operation
  • On-site labs, x-rays and medications
  • A strong track record of exemplary care and service
  • Assistance with worker’s compensation
  • Treatment for the majority of non-life-threatening conditions
  • Physical therapy offered at two locations

UrgentMED’s approach to care offers a broad range of diagnostic care and treatment options under one roof, leveraging state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge best practices performed by a talented team of physicians and medical personnel.

Those interested in learning more are encouraged to reach out via their official website UrgentMED.com or by calling 323-957-2273.


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