AI-based Trading Pool KB Crypto Going Live, Assures Minimum 5-15% ROI Every Month and Automated Payments

KB Crypto is offering a handy avenue for earning good ROI every month through its advanced AI-based trading pool.

EDMONTON, AB / ACCESSWIRE / July 5, 2021 / A next-gen trading pool is all set to redefine the investment scene with state-of-the-art technology-based trading that promises high ROI and automated payments. Titled “KB Crypto“, the AI-based trading pool platform has announced to offer 5% to 15% ROI per month on a one-time investment and also referral bonus on referring more investors. The company began beta testing last year and after a year. They finally went live in March of this year.

The KB Crypto trading pool trades in all major markets, including forex, stock, metal and of course, crypto. The site caters to traders from the USA, Canada and also other parts of the world. The payout would be made in Bitcoin every Saturday and will be directly sent to investors BTC wallet.

“We are excited to bring to you our cutting-edge trading pool that assures handy automated ROI every week and that on just a once-in-a-lifetime investment. We leverage the right technology using proprietary software and winning strategies which enables us to comfortably share the wealth with all of our investors. Our pool platform is powered with a state-of-the-art real AI system keep the trading risk low. Every single day has received profits ever since we started testing the trading pool in May 2020 and hence we are confident of a highly prospective return on investment for the coming times as well”, stated Devon Edwards, hedge fund manager and founder of KB Crypto.

KB Crypto offers a 12-Tier Investment profile which enables traders to choose a compatible tier as per their specific needs and budget. The investment amount can range anywhere from as little as $200 to a hefty $100k and so on. The company banks on custom developed AI software to trade the capital pool. Payouts are made based on the profit of commissions gained during the trading week. Larger the pool, bigger would be the payout.

While asked about the inspiration behind KB Crypto, Devon mentioned about the typical challenges posed by manual trading and also their quest for a sustainable ROI on investment.

“Manual trading can be hard which dampens the scope for many aspiring traders. We wanted to find a trading platform that would make trading more comfortable and also more credible for all. Thus, KB Crypto was born. Our next-gen trading pool platform has combined our highly advanced proprietary custom AI software to make the trading process more convenient and accessible for all. We are backed by an expert Quantitative Analysis team that ensures an excellent return weekly with our multiple advanced portfolio management techniques.”

Unique features of KB Crypto

  • Latest trading pool system that trades on all major markets to produce higher profits
  • Weekly payouts every Saturday
  • Completely automated and instant payouts so that traders don’t have to wait for days for payment
  • Various range of investment options
  • Completely transparent operation- traders will have full access to the company’s financial accounts
  • Open chat community via Telegram – Investors can interact with other investors and discuss queries or exchange views
  • 3% referral bonus

For more information, please visit or follow KB Crypto On Telegram , Instagram and YouTube.

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Contact Person: Devon Edwards


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