Arizona Solar Roofer, Jason Kill of Roofing Solutions & Concepts, Inc., Reports Top 5 Advantages of Solar Power

Jason Kill a.k.a. @IamTheSolarGod explains the many reasons why solar roofing is something that every property owner should consider.

MESA, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / July 28, 2021 / Solar energy solutions are a growing topic of interest as the industry continues to gain more traction. Roofing expert Jason Kill has been a vocal proponent of solar roofing solutions as more of these offerings become available. As a growing number of people embrace solar roofing, it is has become clear that there are more benefits than previously expected. Jason Kill uses his expertise to explain why solar roofing is such a great investment for property owners.

Solar Creates High-Value Homes

A homeowner should always make home decisions that improve the value of a property. For the average person, a home is the biggest investment that they will make. Increasing property value allows for a higher return on investment in the event of a sale. Reports from Zillow have shown that some homes increase their overall value by several percent after installing solar panels on the roof.

It is Available Anywhere

Though traditional electricity is dependent upon a grid for a property to receive it, solar energy does not have these limitations. No matter where a property is located, solar energy can be used as long as there is access to the sun, making it incredibly beneficial for remote locations. Solar energy can be used to provide electricity to a place that has never had access to it before, which can offer some areas a significant opportunity for improvement.

It Gives Neighborhoods a Boost

Given the financial benefits and various incentives available for those who invest in solar energy, solar roofing is growing in popularity. As more homeowners and property owners seek out an opportunity to improve their space, it is quickly becoming a common choice.

Down the line, homeowners of all kinds can expect to see their neighbors making this transition, and that is a very good thing. Staying ahead of the curve can help homeowners to remain competitive and improve the value of their neighborhoods. With technology of this nature slowly becoming the new standard, it is only a matter of time before it is expected in certain regions.

You Can Receive a Solar Federal Tax Credit

Solar panels can be a costly expense, but those who invest sooner rather than later have a lot to gain. With the extension of the solar tax credit, homeowners can save on their installation costs. Currently, this credit allows homeowners to deduct 26% of their total installation cost on their taxes. With this credit, there is no cap on how much money can be saved, making it an ideal time to go all out for solar.

Solar Energy is More Reliable After a Disaster

With solar energy, it is significantly easier to bounce back after a disaster. While those who are dependent upon the electrical grid can lose power at a moment’s notice, homes with solar energy can stay online, even if their entire neighborhood goes down. In fact, this kind of technology has also proven easier to repair after a natural disaster.

About Jason Kill, a.k.a. The Solar God

Jason Kill is the proud owner of Roofing Solutions & Concepts, Inc., and has been a distinguished professional in the industry for over 20 years. He has worked in every position that the roofing business can offer and has a deep, technical understanding of his craft that allows him to bring a wide range of skills to roofing and design. Kill, also a social media influencer reaching over 2.4 Million on his platform @IamTheSolarGod, is committed to discovering, creating, and implementing solar energy solutions worldwide. He has been coined not only a roofing specialist of the #1 Arizona Roofing Company, but also an idea connector and a motivational career growth leader.

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