ARNO Launches Production Facility For its Carbon Nanotechnology Battery Production

PLOVDIV, BULGARIA / ACCESSWIRE / July 30, 2021 / ARNO launched its production facility for carbon nanotechnology battery production. The company begins to receive equipment for the battery production facility. With this, ARNO Token project is tapping into nano technology based secondary energy sources. ARNO brings a Defi offering based on a real-world business of creating nanotechnology-based carbon tubes for efficient energy storage and minimum wastage.

The project is focused on the actual production of secondary energy sources for domestic and industrial use (for example, in the field of ‘green’ energy of wind farms and solar batteries) based on lead-acid batteries modified by the production of carbon nanomaterials of its own (or joint) production.

With the alarming rate of depleting natural resources and considerable wastage of energy during transportation due to limited storage tech the need for secondary energy storage sources has become very important. ARNO is offering two key solutions through its project, one is resolving the energy storage crisis through the use of nanotechnology and the other is to offer perfect investment opportunities through its Defi ecosystem.

The company is already developing these tools in real-world factories which have evident superior over existing technology that includes

  • High availability – modular design
  • Flexible design – suitable for almost all applications
  • Easy battery handling
  • Fully integrated turnkey solution – ease of sizing and reduction in project lead times
  • Parallel connection of storage cabinets on AC side – highest flexibility in sizing
  • Proven experience in power electronics – robust and reliable standardized solutions
  • ‘Black start’ capability for micro-grids – diesel generator not necessarily required
  • Zero emissions
  • Reduces CO2 footprint

ARNO’s strength lies in research and development which is a major reason why they have been an industry leader in EU & Russia in products such as specialty carbons, carbon nanotubes, intercalated graphite, and graphene. The firm continues to innovate at labs and conduct the testing of real opportunities at a special plant, which integrates an expert team of engineers, scientists, and researchers with market intelligence and technology leadership to deliver solutions for tomorrow.

ARNO’s project uses the principles of a decentralized financial market and placement on cryptocurrency exchanges of various structures, so anyone can exchange the ARNO token for another cryptocurrency or real funds. The project began with the creation of supercapacitors with aqueous electrolytes and various installations based on such supercapacitors. Even though the project was crowned with complete success, industrial production did not develop for a simple reason – such devices, despite all their advantages in terms of simplicity of design, safety in handling and during recycling, nevertheless turned out (which is understandable) less capacious and more massive than the supercapacitors we are used to.

ARNO Partners with the Bulgarian Government and Gets Green Light in Germany

The ARNO project managed to interest with its technologies one of the largest in Europe and in the world manufacturers of lead-acid (and not only) batteries – the MONBAT group of companies to ensure that space is provided for the project’s laboratory and manufacturing base. A management company has been established in Bulgaria to supervise the implementation of the project within the EU. Carbon nanomaterial samples have been submitted for testing, and a battery model specially designed for the project will be produced shortly, and testing of working samples will begin in the factory according to agreed international standards. In addition, the provided samples will be sent to the laboratory for detailed inspection.

Negotiations with the MONBAT Group, one of Europe’s largest lead-acid battery manufacturers and distributors, have yielded fruitful results. An agreement was reached, according to which it will acquire part of the shares in a joint venture company (A.R.T.Monbat) for the development of carbon nanomaterials produced by the company in a specially designated location in Bulgaria, and to integrate the technology developed by ARNO into the production of the final production process. In addition, discussions with Advanced Research and Technologies are ongoing to begin designing equipment reactors for serial processing of carbon nanomaterials and generating design estimates. The agreement is also expected to be completed soon.

ARNO also signed an agreement with the German Office for the Protection of Rights and Intellectual Property. The agency will represent the interests of the entire project in terms of a patent application and trademark registration. ARNO, an emerging secondary power solution provider using Defi and Nanotechnology, has reached a critical point. The registration of the German trademark will provide much-needed intellectual property protection, enabling them to continue the mass production of their carbon nanotubes and integrate them with existing battery technology. They will also be responsible for future filing of patent applications and their registration and acceptance, trademarks, and intellectual property rights.

The investment in ARNO tokens is made through the high-tech production of truly necessary products. Obtaining surplus funds and the actual increase in the capitalized value of the project ensure the advantage of the project. Every day, ARNO’s promises become reality. There is no doubt that ARNO is the future of nanotechnology companies that are truly suitable for investment. This is a highly liquid project that occurs in the real world. The project has started, and deals are concluded every day.

ARNO Tokenomics

With a real-world use case and full-fledged production company with regulatory clearance, the Defi-powered ARNO tokens have become one of the most lucrative investment options amid surging Defi popularity. The token is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain with a 50000000 emission supply. The funds raised for ICO / IEO will be spent on the development of the project, purchase of the necessary equipment, invested in testing and development. The amount required for listings on exchanges will also be allocated.

The end date of the second phase of the preICO sales will be the start date of the IEO – trading of ‘trust’ packages of the ARNO token on three to four centralized exchanges. Accordingly, upon passing the validation, which gives access to exchange trading, and the beginning of the IEO, a ‘trust’ package of tokens with a value that will exceed the one indicated now ($ 2 per token) will be sent to the exchanges for sale, while trading on the site, and affiliate programs will, of course, be closed. But the AirDrop program will remain, which will be seriously expanded. This will happen in mid-August of this year, that is, in about two weeks.

The IEO phase will be, accordingly, divided into two components – preliminary and primary trading-placement of ‘trust’ packages on each of the centralized exchanges such as CoinsBit, BitForex, P2PB2P and some others ‘small’ crypto-exchanges like IndoEx and Betingen. The IEO phase will last for a half of month, followed by a listing phase the centralized and decentralized Uniswap exchanges, which will take another two weeks to a month. After that, the ARNO token project will finally move to the ICO phase, that is, directly to trading.

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