Atmosphere Press Explains Its Review Process and How It Ensures Quality Control For Books and Authors

The Austin, Texas-based, author-friendly publisher details their rigorous editing and oversight procedures it employs before publishing a book.

AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / July 28, 2021 / Two of the core beliefs at Atmosphere Press are honesty and transparency. With that thought in mind, the company wishes to shed light on some of its review processes in order to demonstrate how it ensures quality control for books and authors, allowing the public to see the wizard behind the curtain, as it were.

To begin, Atmosphere Press does not follow the model of the traditional publishing houses. Because it prides itself on being author-friendly, Atmosphere Press does not engage in practices such as accepting manuscripts only to substantially change them before publication without the author’s knowledge or consent. The company gives its authors final veto power over any decisions regarding content so that they maintain artistic autonomy over their creative vision. Another way that Atmosphere Press differs from traditional publishers is that it does not demand a percentage of any revenue generated from book sales, rather insisting their authors keep 100% of their royalties and sales proceeds, as well as rights to adaptation, republication, and translation.

On the other hand, Atmosphere Press also does not act as a vehicle for self-publishing. Although it is an author-friendly publisher, that does not mean that every manuscript submission it receives is accepted. There is a rigorous screening process wherein all manuscript submissions are reviewed by a team of experienced editors and associated editors. If a manuscript is deemed to have merit, the company accepts it, and the next steps in the publication process are set into motion. If, however, a manuscript is found not to meet the standards of Atmosphere Press, it will be rejected-although respectfully, and sometimes accompanied by suggestions for improvement. Under no circumstances will Atmosphere Press publish a subpar manuscript in exchange for monetary compensation by an aspiring author.

Atmosphere Press is a Better Business Bureau accredited business and is devoted to both excellent bookmaking and excellent ethics.

Those who would like to learn more about Atmosphere Press, anything from its roster of recent titles to its submission guidelines, can visit the company’s official website.

About Atmosphere Press:

Atmosphere Press was founded by author Nick Courtright in 2015 based on the five core tenets of honesty, transparency, professionalism, kindness, and superior tradecraft. The company prides itself on assiduously upholding these virtues, and deals with its authors accordingly. With each new project it takes on, Atmosphere Press strives to realize the authorial vision in an effective, yet ethical manner. Possessing decades of combined experience in professional writing, editing, designing, and publishing, the staff at Atmosphere Press combine a love of poetry and literature with a deep and far-reaching knowledge of the industry. At its essence, Atmosphere Press was created to serve as a premiere service for authors who want to partner with not just any publisher, but one who acts as a true collaborator throughout every step of the book-making process.

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