Austin Roofing Company, Austin Roofing and Construction, Presents the New Austin Texas Council for Women in Roofing

Best Roofer of Austin Texas, Austin Roofing and Construction, presents a new council for National Women in Roofing (NWiR) to inspire more women to enter the industry.

AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / July 22, 2021 / For three generations, Austin Construction and Roofing has worked hard to make the roofing industry a better place. Through hard work, care, and an interest in learning, they have successfully grown their business and changed the roofing industry for the better. As a part of their goal to create a blueprint for roofing companies in Texas, they are now seeking new ways to encourage more women to enter the world of roofing. With their new council, they hope to help women find their place in the roofing industry.

What is NWiR?
National Women in Roofing (NWiR) is an organization that is designed to help more women find their place within the roofing industry. They aim to improve the industry by helping more companies to bring women from diverse backgrounds into the fold. Offering networking, education, and mentoring opportunities, NWiR is hoping to form the next generation of workers in the industry, and they believe that women have plenty to offer!

The Growing Need for Women in Roofing
Every industry requires diversity to truly thrive. For a long time, roofing was considered a business that would only appeal to men. Having three generations come together to lead Austin Roofing and Construction has proven that the roofing industry isn’t just a place for men to thrive. It is a space where women can learn, grow, and lead as well. These industry experts know that their team is stronger because of the talented women on the team, and they firmly believe that the industry can change for the better with more women joining in.

What Roofing Offers Women
Even though roofing doesn’t seem like an obvious choice for a lot of women, the truth is that there is a lot to offer. It is a highly lucrative career path that can be entered by anyone, and it requires very little education to get started. Now, more than ever, entering this space and finding work is proving to be surprisingly easy.

New certificates for the National Roofing Contractor’s Association are available that offer a unique opportunity for anyone who is looking to get started. These programs empower women to grow their expertise and begin a fulfilling career by offering internships with roofing companies nationwide. As a salesperson, anyone can make $100,000 a year on average, offering a huge opportunity to secure a high-paying job sooner rather than later.

The Austin Roofing and Construction Experience
The team at Austin Roofing and Construction is home to a long list of women, which is why they are happy to encourage more women to join the space. The team’s primary admin was able to join the industry and quickly work her way up to Vice President, where she makes a high salary and drives change every single day. There is more to the roofing industry than most people know, and there are viable career paths for just about anyone who is interested. The industry needs more women, and Austin Roofing and Construction is happy to help create a space where women can prosper!

About Austin Roofing and Construction:
Austin Roofing and Construction are continuously rated the best roofers in Austin Texas providing their customers with a full scope of services for all their roofing, remodeling, and construction needs. Providing Tesla Solar Roofs, Shingles, Metal, TPO, PVC, and Coatings they offer all types of residential and commercial roofing.

The team at Austin Roofing and Construction is composed of three generations of Texas natives who seek to change the construction industry for the better. By relying on input from the entire team, they are able to bring together traditional and modern methods to provide exceptional service for residents in the area. They have a reputation for always completing their roofing and restoration projects on time and on budget while providing a full-service experience, superior customer interaction, and unparalleled workmanship.

Business name: Austin Roofing and Construction
Contact: Daisy Martinez
Phone: (512) 629-4949
Address: 1301 W Ben White Blvd #200A, Austin, TX 78704

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