Caring Transitions Launches “Move Grandma Now” Campaign

CINCINNATI, OH / ACCESSWIRE / July 28, 2021 / Caring Transitions, the leading national franchise organization specializing in senior relocation and transition services, is excited to announce a campaign centered around helping aging Americans move out of homes they have lived in for decades. With real estate prices soaring, many baby boomers are making the decision to sell their homes sooner than expected.

The “Move Grandma Now” checklist is designed to give families a roadmap for helping loved ones during a very challenging transition in their lives. It was crafted by Caring Transitions experts who help thousands of people downsize each year.

“We hear from families all the time who just don’t know where to start when it comes to helping Mom and Dad move,” said Ray Fabik, President of Caring Transitions. “You can tell right away this is a stressful time, and it’s a big challenge. That’s why we decided to come up with this checklist to help make the transition smoother.”

“Move Grandma Now” Checklist

  • Don’t make seniors feel guilty. Do NOT say things like, ‘Why did you hold on to this for so many years?’ while sorting through belongings. Statements like this can cause stress and make seniors feel like a burden.
  • Save Photo Albums for LAST. They can surface too many memories at once, which slows the process and triggers waves of emotions.
  • Set a timer. Grab a kitchen timer and set it for one hour. Take a break once that hour is up.
  • Color-code with Post-It Notes. Seniors have a tough time reading small writing. Color-code with post-it notes, so PINK is pack, GREEN is sell, and BLUE is give away.
  • Bring a door stopper. Doors get in the way, especially for older folks. Bring door stoppers to prop doors open to allow for easy room access for Grandma, and for large boxes and furniture.
  • Consider online platforms for estate sales. Most seniors are not internet savvy, but their children/grandchildren usually are. There are many online estate platforms, like, that sell everything online as buyers bid. No in-person estate sales with strangers walking through the home and haggling over prices. The real estate platform handles it all, allowing the family to make money from hidden treasures around the home.
  • Best Sellers: Electronics, jewelry, collectibles, and durable medical equipment.
  • Items That May Not Sell Well: Furniture, clothes, and kitchen items.
  • Keep a schedule. Many seniors like a routine and are stressed if it’s altered. If the senior goes to bed at 10 p.m. every night, don’t try to keep packing late at night.

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About Caring Transitions

Caring Transitions, founded in 2006, is the most trusted and experienced national franchise specializing in senior relocation and transition services. With more than 200 locations throughout the United States, all owned and operated by Certified Relocation and Transition Specialists, Caring Transitions provides clients with supportive moves, auctions, rightsizing, and transitions. This includes expert advice plus a well-executed transition plan beginning with the initial sorting of personal belongings through packing, unpacking, resettling, and selling of items to the final clearing and cleaning of the property. For more information, visit or visit us on Facebook.

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