Carrots Merch Ahead of the Company Merchandising Game in More Ways than One

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / July 28, 2021 / Carrots Merch is a merchandising company that curates, designs, and delivers high-quality products in apparel. The company sources, designs, packs, stores, and ships quality merchandise to companies with full white glove service, revolutionizing company merchandise to help facilitate company growth and culture.

Carrots Merch was founded on the belief that employees can make or break a company. If a company cannot engage with, appreciate, and reward its employees, it cannot last long. And the best way to retain top talent within the company is with company-branded merchandise that they actually will use and or wear.

Nine out of ten newly hired remote workers who received company-branded merch felt that their new employer welcomed them effectively. But this does not just apply to new employees. Employees who have been with the company for a while could also feel more appreciated and connected to the company if they receive company-branded merch.

This extends to the company’s customers as well, since 20 percent of consumers are willing to repeat purchases after receiving a promotional giveaway. Company-branded merchandise can drive up employee satisfaction and productivity, increase sales, and establish a brand identity.

Founded by Nick Sunderman and Judge Graham, both former athletes and serial entrepreneurs, Carrots Merchandise is guided by core values that reflect the sincerity of its service. The company is fearless, curious, loyal, and obsessed with helping companies decrease employee turnover. They use these words and core values to guide them on solving problems, servicing customers, treating each other, and behaving daily.

The founders have successfully built and sold large businesses that have generated over $1 billion in organic sales. In their eyes, they could not have done this without creating high-performing teams that had visibility, encouragement, and were rewarded in the success of the companies. This encouraged them to build Carrots Merchandise, which places a premium on building company culture, which produces favorable results.

Carrots Merchandise has designed a plethora of apparel to top brands, whether luxury, outdoor, drinkware, bags, office, tech, apparel, or footwear, they have delivered consistent results with every order.

Every customer at Carrots Merch is given the royal treatment. Clients get high-quality merchandise designed to perfection, quick turnaround speed and delivery times, and storage of the merchandise, freeing up the client’s office space. They also offer deep and strong partnerships with major brands that people love, enabling clients to get first priority on highly sought-after merchandise that may not be available on retail sites. Each customer is also assigned a specific “customer love agent,” so clients can rest assured that they can talk to someone about their merchandise concerns anytime. The company is fully committed to giving each customer undivided attention and helping them achieve their goals.

Carrots Merch is in the business of growing businesses. This shows with every glowing review that they receive from their customers. As the best merchandising company in the game, Carrots Merch stands out from the rest in every aspect of their business and service.

To learn more about Carrots Merch, check out their website.

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