China’s Emerging Print On Demand Platform Yoycol Releases the Mobile Website

HANGZHOU, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE/ July 28, 2021/ The Print On Demand (POD) platform Yoycol has released the mobile version of their website with a user-friendly interface for smartphone users. Yoycol believes that this version will be convenient for users who do not have a computer around. Users can now browse the product catalog and manage their accounts with just a cellphone.

Founded in 2019, Yoycol is an innovative POD service provider with its fulfillment center in China, dedicated to offering high-quality and novel products made for customization.

Yoycol holds the vision of making this world a better place with sustainable production. In traditional mass production of clothes, quantity outweighs the quality and leads to waste and financial loss. Overstocked and discarded garments wind up in an incinerator or landfill; The conventional dyeing process uses a massive amount of chemicals and causes unwanted pollution. With print-on-demand and digital printing technology, Yoycol tries to create a more eco-friendly production system with less waste and pollution. Although just entering into the industry, Yoycol has its edges in several aspects comparing to many other POD manufacturers.

Abundant products to fit various needs

Yoycol specializes in all-over print products. With advanced printing technology and a flexible supply chain, Yoycol has over 600 all-over print products that are difficult to find anywhere else. Yoycol believes POD platforms should consider merchant suggestions for new products; examples include organic clothing made with cotton, new designs, and clothes with fashionable tailoring. As part of the ongoing evolution of the POD market, companies should constantly work to offer new items and onboard new global providers to meet changing customer needs.

Budget price

Yoycol has price advantages in most custom products. For instance, the average price for an all-over print t-shirt from other suppliers is above 20 dollars. However, Yoycol can provide it for under 10 dollars including the shipping fee. Credit to its advanced all-over print production line, the price of Yoycol’s all-over print products is significantly lower than its competitor.

Fast lead time

Thanks to adaptable supply chains, Yoycol can deliver POD products precisely and fast. This efficient workflow can drastically improve the customer experience. Yoycol has incorporated a Lead Time Guarantee to ensure their customers sell products without concern of production and fulfillment issues. Customers can also trace the production process via their member accounts.

Devoted service team

Print-on-demand is all about making your customers successful. Customers can contact the service team through the chatbox integrated with and inquires will be quickly responded to. Yoycol also constantly gathers feedback and then leverages that information to make changes to the company.

Admittedly, Yoycol is juvenile, and unavoidably, may have issues in some aspects. Yet, Yoycol aims to make sure every customer is satisfied with its service. Having a passionate team that endeavors to resolve any problem related to products and integrations, Yoycol looks forward to delivering the best service and more value to the growing POD online business. Yoycol, with growing digital printing technology and a flexible supply chain, is prepared to redefine the print-on-demand eco-system.

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