Cloudinary Labs Launches to Fuel Innovation and the Future of Visual Media

New Innovation Lab to Bring New Concepts to Life, Cultivate Creativity and Spur Ideas, Insight and Knowledge Sharing

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cloudinary, the media experience platform for many of the world’s top brands, today announced the launch of Cloudinary Labs, an innovation lab focused on developing concepts that disrupt the media experience space. As part of Cloudinary’s long-standing commitment to tech innovation across all facets of visual media, including the support and development of next-gen image and video codecs like JPEG XL, AVIF and AV1, Cloudinary Labs will help facilitate the analysis and development of new technologies, different approaches to media creation and processes, and cutting-edge concepts that will reshape the future of visual media.

“As new technologies emerge and companies look to improve how they create and share visual content to better connect with their audiences, Cloudinary Labs offers a space to experiment with innovative concepts, from new image formats and video technologies driven by AI to new approaches to coding and hyperautomation,” said Daniel Amitai, Vice President of Innovation at Cloudinary. “With a strong ecosystem of users, customers and partners across nearly every industry, Cloudinary is well-positioned to gather different perspectives on how media is created and utilized and we will leverage this insight to expand our work and push the bounds of visual media innovation.”

Cloudinary Labs Introduces MediaFlows, Media Inspector and ServiceWorker

As an incubator for new ideas, Cloudinary Labs will rely on data-driven decisioning processes to help validate hypotheses and gauge market interest. Through fast iterations and feedback loops, Cloudinary Labs will see continuous concept development that will shift the way we engage with media.

Projects already in development include MediaFlows, a low-code, hyperautomation solution created to offer a new, simplified way to build flexible and scalable media applications on top of Cloudinary.

With its intuitive visual interface, MediaFlows will help to build and automate media workflows. Each flow, composed of a library of Media Blocks — low-code widgets representing key media tasks — will connect to each other to program the behavior of a developer’s application, allowing developers and other technical users to design, deploy, test and scale custom media applications in minutes, not days, while seamlessly integrating with Cloudinary APIs and services. Additionally, developers can save time by customizing flows shared by others.

In addition to MediaFlows, Cloudinary Labs will start to explore other proof of concepts across the digital media landscape, including Media Inspector, a tool that will analyze media assets performance on sites; Cloudinary ServiceWorker, a tool that will allows users to insert Cloudinary at the browser level without changing a single line of code; as well as a variety of extendability concepts for Android and desktop sharing.

About Cloudinary

Cloudinary’s mission is to empower companies to deliver visual experiences that inspire and connect by unleashing the full potential of their media. With more than 50 billion assets under management and more than 8,000 customers worldwide, Cloudinary is the industry standard for developers, creators and marketers looking to upload, store, transform, manage, and deliver images and videos online. As a result, leading brands like Atlassian, Bleacher Report, Bombas, Grubhub, Hinge, NBC, Mediavine, Peloton, Petco and Under Armour are seeing significant business value in using Cloudinary, including faster time to market, higher user satisfaction and increased engagement and conversions. For more information, visit


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