$COCKTAIL Set to Revolutionize Cryptocurrency

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 30, 2021 / It’s no secret that millions of new investors are looking to crypto as their next major investment. Investors are breaking down stock portfolios and converting them to cryptocurrency assets. A California-based developer team for a new cryptocurrency project called $COCKTAIL is paving a new path forward for marketing their token. When a holder of $COCKTAIL promotes the token and submits proof to the verified $COCKTAIL Discord, the rewards bot automatically will reward holders with extra BNB rewards. This new technology will enable the average investor to multiply their initial investment by simply sharing the $COCKTAIL brand.

According to the Head of Marketing at $Cocktail, “I’ve had previous experience promoting many projects, like $420x, $BabyDoge, and many more! So when I was approached by the developer team about this revolutionary idea, I knew it would be a hit! With $COCKTAIL, the US-based dev team found a way not just to reward what we call ‘whales’ or large investors but also the average investor. Our team just cracked the code on how to transform an average investor into a large-scale whale investor.”

Changpeng Zhao recently tweeted the exact same thing: “Crypto is staying. Embrace it.”

Currently, many investors across the globe are wary of investing into new cryptocurrency projects that don’t offer a lot of value. $COCKTAIL is packed with unique features including: automatic BNB/BUSD rewards directly to wallet holders, automatic and manual whale buy-back bot (which will strategically invest marketing funds to re-purchase the token during dips), and the only token to offer a rewards multiplier.

$COCKTAIL will implement their unique system on launch. The BNB/BUSD rewards pool accumulates during purchases/sales and is based on volume. Holders will automatically receive BNB or BUSD directly to their wallet every 20-60 minutes (shorter time period on higher volume activity). “This is a truly one-of-a-kind project that has bundled several attractive features in the present cryptocurrency space into one token-$COCKTAIL. We’re really proud to be one of the first teams to pull this off successfully,” said Shane Sagar.

$COCKTAIL hype is growing fast. Join their official Telegram, Twitter, or visit their official website.

Company Name: $COCKTAIL

Email: Marketing@cocktailbsc.com

Contact Number: 1(909)248-3176

Website: https://cocktailbsc.com/


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