Deep Instinct Further Shields Businesses Against Cyberattacks as Ransomware Attacks More than Double

Following $175 million in recent Series D investments, the leader in AI-based deep learning for cybersecurity anticipates the next wave of threats

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Deep Instinct, the first cybersecurity company to build a threat prevention platform on a patented AI end-to-end deep learning framework, today announced a mid-year update to its acclaimed Annual Cyber Threat Landscape report, paired with pioneering product innovations to thwart the most sophisticated attacks seen in the industry today.

As a follow-up from the Annual Cyber Threat Landscape Report, the mid-year report found an 800 percent increase in ransomware attacks since 2019. The report also shows that in the first half of 2021 alone, it saw a 244 percent increase in ransomware compared to the same period in 2020. Furthermore, it details what’s ahead for ransomware following attacks by REvil and DarkSide, plus industry trends such as plans to combat malicious actors through public/private partnerships, and the rise of double extortion. For instance, with vaccinations top-of-mind in most countries, Deep Instinct is seeing more attempts from attackers to lure victims by using phishing emails masquerading as one of the vaccine manufacturers. Additionally, although not yet very common, Deep Instinct noticed signs of Adversarial Machine Learning in the threat landscape.

In response to the ever-evolving threats, new features and capabilities were added to the Deep Instinct’s prevention-first solution, including increased resilience against adversarial machine learning attacks, credential theft protection, and malicious behavior reporting, to greatly help security teams track and find threat indicators that other solutions miss.

“Sophisticated attackers are evolving their methods to trick basic AI solutions and mislead Machine Learning algorithms. Deep Instinct’s advanced AI with deep learning is the most advanced solution to protect businesses from these anti adversarial attacks,” said Guy Caspi, Deep Instinct CEO. “We are bringing a never-before-seen level of prevention to our customers at a time when ransomware attacks are at an all-time high.”

Strong growth in the first half of the year and industry validation further supports Deep Instinct’s revolutionary approach to predicting and preventing previously undiscovered cyberattacks.

“Threat actors are training their Machine Learning (ML) infused malware to bypass modern endpoint security built using ML. They are literally using AI to defeat AI,” said Michael Suby, IDC’s Research VP for Security & Trust. “In response, Deep Instinct has augmented their Deep Learning (DL) based Modern Endpoint Security product, to pioneer approaches to prevent these attacks.”

Closing out its Series D round with $175 million in investments, the company secured a new powerhouse partner in the EU, Chrysalis Investments Limited, part of Jupiter Investments, who announced their investment of $67 million earlier this month, accelerating Deep Instinct’s journey to IPO.

In alignment with new c-level executive hires with strong channel experiences and success, Deep Instinct has committed to be 100 percent partner focused strategy. The company has seen tremendous ecosystem growth, bringing on new visionary and disruptive partners monthly across EMEA, the Americas, and APJ, including Novacoast and Nuvias Group. Through a channel-first approach, the Company is enabling partners to deliver industry-leading prevention-first cybersecurity while growing and significantly differentiating their businesses.

“We’re excited about our partnership that is focused on integrating Deep Instinct’s framework in our novaSOC’s SOC-as-a-Service solution offering, which delivers enterprise-grade security operations to small and medium-sized businesses,” said Adam Gray, CTO at Novacoast. “Our joint offering will help organizations find, create, and implement solutions for a powerful security posture.”

“We are extremely pleased to have concluded a European Agreement with Deep Instinct, the selection review process on our end was one of the fastest I have experienced as Deep instinct ticked all the boxes. Their solution is disruptive and differentiated in a sizeable and high-growth segment. Deep Instinct is backed by smart money, its leadership is experienced, and it has a key geographic presence in Europe, plus the company is channel first. I am convinced that we will exceed our mutual expectations in the coming year,” said David Harvey, VP of Vendor Alliances at the Nuvias Group.

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Deep Instinct takes a prevention-first approach to stopping ransomware and other malware using the world’s first and only purpose-built, deep learning cybersecurity framework. We prevent threats pre-execution, before any damage is done, and have >99% unknown threat accuracy and a <.01% false positive rate. The Deep Instinct Prevention Platform extends and enhances existing security stacks to provide complete protection against malware and other cyber threats anywhere in the enterprise — network, endpoint, and mobile. To learn more, visit


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