DRC Mobility, from Super Carrental to De-Fi, Combines Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

SEOUL, KOREA / ACCESSWIRE / July 9, 2021 / DRC Mobility is building core solutions while focusing on automobiles. It retains its auto parts and market share. In the future, if user convenience is improved and successful cases emerge, the competition for using block technology is expected to intensify.

Recently, DRC Mobility has drawn great attention in the blockchain industry. DRC Mobility is a global project that is attracting attention in the industry as a blockchain-based cryptocurrency foundation listed on ‘COINEONE’ and ‘PROBIT’. It aims to be a utility token that can rent and share a variety of vehicles, such as luxury cars and eco-friendly electric vehicles, as well as a maintenance platform linking the about 1,652 square meter super car sale exhibition hall and OBD in Gangnam, Seoul. Republic of Korea

The main partners of DRC Mobility are H-RENTCAR, which has over 300 luxury cars, and the Government Credit Guarantee Fund Technology Evaluation (TCB), which has 100 supercars with annual sales of 3 billion won(Korean dollar), equipped with a luxury car sales exhibition hall and an office building that can renovate vehicles around the world with OBD technology WINNERS&PARTNERS, which was selected as an excellent company, holds a number of patents from the Korean Intellectual Property Office and operates a blockchain-based car-sharing platform service developed with its own solution. It has RENTDREAM, etc. are together.

DRC Mobility installs an OBD terminal in the vehicle of a partner rental company to collect driver and vehicle data and record it on the blockchain. Based on this, an ecosystem is created so that users can purchase and receive high-quality data in the mobility ecosystem that covers all areas such as car rental, car sharing, used car purchase, maintenance, car care, surrogate driving, electric vehicle charging, and car advertisement platform service. It integrates the service areas of the existing separate and closed automobile market into one. As a result, we are creating a smart mobility ecosystem that users who participate in the ecosystem can use conveniently and transparently in real life. In the future, we plan to expand our base through global platform export.

DRC Mobility co-founders Han Hoon-Sik and Sung Ha-Jeong, CEOs of DRC Mobility, said, ‘In the future, we will launch a mobility DeFi platform to change the automobile finance paradigm and It is the future mission and vision of DRC to promote change in the world.’

For more information, please refer to the www.drc.asia website for detailed information.

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