Elite Agency Wants To Bring A New Level Of Communication To The Real Estate World. Find Out More Below

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 28, 2021 / There are many stigmas around the world of real estate and realtors that cause a lot of people to feel apprehensive about interacting with the world of real estate. Despite this apprehension, many people find themselves working with realtors to find the right home for them or sell their home as they move to a different phase of their lives.

This is why finding a good realtor is so crucial. They are instrumental in finding a special place that families will spend the rest of their lives in. Having a realtor that listens to you and matches your need to your new home can change the entire experience.

Elite Agency, a real estate company, is changing conceptions on how real estate businesses treat their clients by making their business more consumer oriented. Elite Agency focuses on changing people’s lives by focusing on communication and transparency with their clients. Obfuscation is an unfortunate part of many businesses around the world. Whether by choice or by circumstance, these barriers are put into place to help the customer.

Elite Agency is trying to do just the opposite of that. By focusing on each and every individual and each step of the process, they have made their company more transparent and understandable in a business environment that is usually full of jargon and quick flipping of houses.

Their business thrives on loyalty and returning clients, but they hit a hard stumbling block when covid hurt the real estate market and limited their accessibility to provide services. For many companies, just like with Elite Agency, covid was a hard change that shook many businesses. Though many did not survive, Elite Agency was fortunate that it was able to adapt and create virtual accessibility for its many clients. When things were able to open up again, the many loyal consumers that had been drawn to Elite Agency came back, which allowed them to thrive again.

The Elite Agency team is run by its founder, Jado Hark. Jado is a people person at heart who built this business to be able to help clients find their ideal homes. Though his experience comes from the nightlife world, this has helped him make connections.

“The passion to genuinely help people make their American dream come true and own a home without having to over pay in a brutal market is what got me started in real estate. I come from the nightlife industry where I have built a tremendous network from athletes, politicians, attorneys and doctors to first time home buyers that work a 9 to 5, and I treat everyone with the same passion and respect,” Jado explains.

With everyone coming out of the pandemic, Elite Agency’s goal is to hire more staff and create more opportunities for their buyers as people are looking to get back into the housing market. To find out more about Elite Agency, you can follow them on Instagram here and check out their website here.

Paula Henderson

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